Dating Multiple Men in an Effort to Find ‘The One’

woman with men

You know how you go to a shoe store and you try on several different pairs of shoes in one visit, it is a logical choice — why waste your time and energy by trying on only one pair of shoes at any given visit.

The same could be said for dating men with the hopes of finding “the one.”

Before you start thinking we are crazy, hear us out. Time is precious, especially if you are a busy professional with little free time. It only makes sense to date a couple people at once. Why should you spend your time, energy, and even emotions on one person at a time, even if they try to convince you that they are your soul mate?

According to a flirting expert and “dateologist,” Tracey Steinberg, “If you are looking for a serious relationship, then you should absolutely be dating more than one man at once… you need quantity to find quality.”

This doesn’t mean that you should be sleeping with the different men that you are seeing because there is the problem of unnecessary drama and the threat of STDs, but there is no harm in dating around.

If you are someone who dates only one person at a time, but the relationship never seems to go longer than a few weeks or a couple of months, but it doesn’t lead to anything significant. You can break this flavor of the month mentality by seeing a few people at once. By dating a few people at once, you are able to keep your life going and prevent yourself from making your life revolve around just one person.

Of course, you find some people who date multiple people, not because they are looking for a right one, but because they crave constant attention. Instead of dating just to date and trying to turn it into a balancing act, perhaps you should use your feelings to guide how you date. All this means is have a clear idea of what you want before you even start dating, whether it is one or three people. When you have your wants and needs in mind, you will be in a better position to do a reality check and see if you have a connection with this person or that.

Sometimes by dating numerous people at once, you can do a bit of soul-searching. How? Since you are dating a few people at once without getting intimate, you can take a step back and look at what each person has to offer and why you are drawn to them. Many people will date someone just because they are afraid of losing out on the chance to date them without fully examining if they have genuine feelings for them or not. By taking a step back and analyzing what you may or may not feel for a person, you can better gauge the purpose of dating them.

Dating more than one person isn’t for everyone, that much we are aware of. It is a balancing act, that much is for sure, but it could result in you finding the love of your life.