5 Signs He is Having an Affair

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Is My Husband Having an Affair?

It is highly likely that you spend most of your free-time with your husband as you see him across the house and interact with him every day. As you’re in close contact with him every day you know when his mood or behavior changes. Many women begin to suspect their husband is having an affair with slight behavioral changes which they cannot fully understand. It’s not always a few restaurant receipts or late-night shifts that give away his infidelity but his change in attitude towards you and your relationship. We explore how to tell if your husband is thinking about another woman, the signs of cheating and how you may be able to prevent your partner from staying.

Signs Your Husband is Interested in Another Woman

Unsurprisingly, infidelity doesn’t happen overnight, and, in most cases, your significant other can be thinking about someone else romantically which can lead to your husband seeking another partner. By understanding the signs of lust within your husband, you’ll be able to detect whether he is thinking about someone else and prevent it from going any further than mere fantasy.

Changed His Appearance

If your husband has had a drastic change in appearance or seems to be taking more pride in what he wears and how he presents himself, then he may be trying to woo another woman. It is undeniable that many couples stop making the effort when they settle down and subconsciously if your husband is hoping to change his relationship with a woman he will want to present himself well.

Emotionally Distant

Men need women and depend on them for emotional support as they’re not likely to get it from other places. If you find that your husband begins growing distant and doesn’t ask for your help with issues any more than it could be an indication that he is distancing himself from you as he intends to cheat.

Less Intimate/Passionate About Your Relationship

Sometimes, you can simply tell that your partner has started to move away from you or doesn’t seem to care for you as much. He doesn’t need to be writing poetry every day, but if it seems that he is nonchalant about your relationship and isn’t interested in your life or yourself, then it could be a sign he is thinking about another woman.

Affairs in Marriage Signs

It is awful to think about the person closest to us being unfaithful, but sadly it happens, and nothing will prepare you for the shock of it. However, you can prevent yourself from being hurt further by detecting whether your husband is faithful or not. The signs below are indications of infidelity but by no means confirm that your partner is cheating on you, so always remember to talk and trust your gut when approaching the subject.

Spouse is More Critical of You

Whenever someone is having an affair they’re always going to be less committed to the person they’re having the affair with – both for practical and emotional reasons. They cannot see their bit-on-the-side as regularly and they haven’t had the time to form a bond that goes beyond the honeymoon stage of dating. This can cloud your husband’s judgment and make him more critical of you as he is always thinking about how different it is with the other woman. That is not a fault on your part, but rather their sordid relationship is in a different stage that is more agreeable to him at that moment.


Evidently, he is going to feel guilty, even though he could have stopped himself in the first place and is going to jump at everything you say. Even small comments about odd bits of behavior or commenting on how late he is working can cause your partner to be on the defensive. He is constantly thinking about his infidelity and is trying to hide it as best as possible by defending his position strongly.

Guilty Behaviour

Perhaps your husband keeps buying your flowers or takes you to special places more frequently than he used to. By bestowing gifts on you he is trying to absolve himself of what he is doing and make it seem less worse than it is. Subconsciously he is being told that this will help alleviate some of the terrible emotions he is feeling by being generous towards you.

No Commitment to Family Events

If you’ve noticed that he doesn’t appear to your family events or take an interest in the things you’re doing outside of the home, then it may be a sign that he is cheating. Avoidance at family events is a vital sign that he could be cheating on you as he may be avoiding your family as he believes they will be able to notice that he is being unfaithful.

How to Prevent a Spousal Affair

There are many more signs of a cheating husband but, a lot of the time, many women can just feel it when their partner is being unfaithful. So, how do you prevent him from diving into the arms of another woman? Well, there is no sure-fire way and sometimes there is no stopping it, but if you didn’t try then you would be disregarding your vows to him. By communicating with your partner effectively, listening to their needs and making steps to providing a more content home-life you can help prevent your husband from straying. Being married can stop you from taking the time to understand one another, so try and get back to that as it could save your marriage further along the line.

Nobody ever wants to be cheated on as your trust disintegrates and you start blaming yourself, but you need to remember that they ultimately made that decision. Even if your relationship isn’t in the best place right now they went a step beyond and betrayed the sanctity of your marriage. However, if your husband has remained faithful, then it is not too late to begin reaffirming your love for one another. Communicate, spend quality time together, and listen to one another and if he truly cares for you, then he won’t betray your trust.