8 Things You May Not Know About People in Open Relationships

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The idea of dating a woman that is in an open relationship is quite appealing to many guys. However, if you don’t truly understand women that are in an open relationship, she probably won’t give you what you want. Never assume! This article will help you understand this type of woman. If you want to actually meet a woman for a long term relationship, your best bet is to use a traditional dating site. There are plenty of these women out looking for love and relationship on dating sites.

1. It’s really not all about sex. Contrary to popular belief, a woman in an open relationship isn’t necessarily looking for something physical. Just because she already has a boyfriend doesn’t mean she doesn’t need an emotional connection to you.

2. She has feelings. Women in an open relationship aren’t void of feelings. They are human beings just like everyone else. They like sports, and gambling, and puppies just like you do. Respect them for who they are, not just what they can do for you in the bedroom.

3. They prefer online dating. Online dating is just so convenient. Even traditional dating sites have plenty of women that are in an open relationship. It’s not easy finding a guy that is cool with playing second fiddle, which is why online dating is perfect for finding a guy. Only the ones interested in this type of relationship will contact her.

4. Her boyfriend won’t hate you. Some guys are afraid to get into a relationship with a woman that is in an open relationship with another guy. They automatically assume the main guy won’t like them. Don’t worry about that. She has an agreement with her boyfriend so, chances are, he’ll respect you.

5. You’ll have to work around her schedule. The only downside to dating this type of woman is you are going to have to learn to work around her schedule. You might want to come over to her place sometimes, only to find out she’s busy with her other boyfriend. If you can’t accept that, this isn’t the type of relationship for you.

6. She may not want to make the relationship with you public. Often times, people in an open relationship don’t like to advertise that with their friends. So if she doesn’t want to change her Facebook relationship status to show she’s in a relationship with you, don’t take it personally. Her friends might know she has a boyfriend and doesn’t want them to know you’re her other boyfriend.

7. She isn’t cheating on her boyfriend. There’s a big difference between a woman in a traditional relationship going behind her man’s back to see another guy. Women in an open relationship have an agreement with their boyfriend. They aren’t doing this behind his back.

8. She wants to know what you’re all about beyond the bedroom. When you create a profile on an online dating site, to meet any woman, it’s very important to clearly explain who you are, what you want in a relationship, and what you like to do. It’s the same when trying to attract a woman in an open relationship as with traditional dating.