Top 3 Reasons Why Married Men are So Irresistible

woman wants to get married

As women are considered to be the superior sex when it comes to rationalization, you would think it would be an uncommon thing to see women flirt with married men. After all, they wouldn’t want someone making oogly eyes at their men, so you would assume that they would respect the marriage and step away. In an ideal world that would probably be the case. However, there many women who prefer married men and will actively seek them out. But why? They have already exchanged vows with a woman they love and they are off limits.

Well for starters, that married guy tend to have numerous things going for him — after all a woman did marry him so there has to be something there. When women flirt with married men, they tend to forget that usually it ends in heartache because they have the hope that he will leave his wife and be hers completely. And, when that doesn’t happen (because let’s be honest, it almost never does; and if it does happen, if he cheated on his wife with you, what makes you think he won’t cheat on you?), they move on to the next married man.

So what is it about the married man that drives some women so wild, you ask?


Stemming all the way back from our childhood, we’ve always wanted things that we couldn’t have. There is always the problem of children wanting toys that other kids were playing with — even if they had their own toy in front of them. This desire to want what we can’t have is one of the biggest reasons women flirt with married men. There is something incredibly exciting when you do something you aren’t supposed to, much like taking the toy from someone when they aren’t looking.

When women start flirting with married men and their friends learn about it, they will probably get a negative reaction. It is this negative reaction that fuels the “me against the world” attitude, which then gives them an adrenaline rush. Oh yes — some women flirt with married men just for that rush!

Adrenaline Junkie

When it comes to adventure and the thrill of the chase, it isn’t just reserved for men. Oh no, no, no! While women may not be so willing to go jump off a cliff with a parachute or invest all of our money in a sketchy stock, they will go after that guy with a ring because it is a challenge. And while the women who flirt with married men may not have the intention of becoming the next Mrs., the pursuit gives her right amount danger to make things exciting.

These types of women tend to find the conventional relationship bland and boring. There is no excitement in dating a man who is always available whenever she calls, whereas with a married man, there is a need to sneak around, keep things a secret, and hush hush. Not only is the chase exciting, but so is the idea of known that, although the man is married to someone he presumably loves, he cannot resist the advancements from this particular woman. Just imagine the confidence boost that is for her!

Play for Power

You know how we said that when a woman flirts with a married man generally does it for excitement and because they want what they can’t have? They also tend to do this because it is a sort of power trip. Because the man is the one with the commitment and is breaking those vows just to be with his mistress, it is boosting her ego exponentially. So not only does she know that she has the ability to make men cheat on their wives because she has XYZ (looks, money, status, or whatever the case may be), but she also has the ability to throw the fact that he is the married one in his face at the first sign of a conflict. In her mind, she isn’t doing anything wrong by flirting with him and possibly having an affair. After all, she is single and he is not, so he should know better. Unfortunately, neither party take into consideration what this will do to the wife if and when she finds out.

There are many other reasons that women flirt with married men of course. Some are afraid to get into a serious, committed relationship themselves. The married man is an attractive option because he is already in a relationship and his feelings toward the other women is usually lust, rather than love. And because of this, there is no chance that the relationship could go more than what it is.

Of course, there is no justification for flirting with a married person. Marriage vows are intended to be respected by the ones who say them, but it is also a good idea for outsiders to respect them also.