Is a Woman With a Boyfriend Flirting With You?


Any man has a common sense that it is never a good idea to be involved in a love triangle. However, what do you do when a woman gives you attention and you like her, but you discover later on that she is in a relationship?

Do you continue to play into her flirtation or do you back away? How do you know she isn’t just flirting with you just for fun?

Here Are 11 Signs a Girl With a Boyfriend May Like You:

1. She is really excited when you come around.

She runs up to hug you, has a big smile on her face, or just makes a bee-line to talk to you. If she does any of these things and you aren’t even a good friend of hers, then you may rank pretty high up there on the “I like you” list.

2. Late night talks.

She calls you up late at night and the conversation seems to go on forever. During the conversation, there are noticeable undertones of flirtation and even sexual innuendo.

3. She dates you.

She may ask you out or drops hints that you should take her out sometimes. Simply put, she wants to spend time alone with you.

4. She craves your attention.

Even when her boyfriend is around, she will stare at you from the corner of her eye or she will flash you a quick smile — anything to get your attention.

5. Her boyfriend doesn’t know you.

Not only has she not introduced you to him, he probably doesn’t even know you exist or that you are so friendly.

6. She complains about her boyfriend to you.

You know those late night phone calls? Chances are they are about her boyfriend and the things he doesn’t do, or what he does wrong. She may even compare her boyfriend to you and say that she wishes he was more like you.

7. There is an emotional attachment.

Women tend for forming a strong emotional connection to the people they are attracted to, therefore she may form an attachment to you and make you her support system.

8. She misses you.

She will openly and readily admit that she’s missed you if you hadn’t seen each other or spoken to one another in a few days — sometimes less!

9. She flirts with you.

Flirting is fine, however when her flirtation becomes a little more than just playful banter and it gets physical, then you can be certain she likes you.

10. You often catch her staring at you.

You could be doing your own thing, minding your own business, but every time you look up, you catch her staring at you and she’s got a goofy grin on her face.

11. She’s got a split personality.

She can be very touchy-feely around you when no one is around or even looking; however, when she’s with her boyfriend, you get the feeling like she doesn’t want to show him any affection or even speak to him.