Why Women Should and Do Flirt With Married Men


For the Flirtatious Flirts

Why Women Should Flirt With Married Men

You are in a club. It is the end of the month and you are understandably short on cash. Flirting with a man with a ring on the right finger will guarantee free drinks!

Alternatively, it could be the I-am-so-bored-I’d-rather-watch-paint-dry kind of social gathering. You are stuck there, either flirt with the hitched guy standing right next to you. Or punch the daylights of the chick who keeps talking about how you should get a boob job.

Often the stress of life gets too much and it is that stress that has women feel unattractive. It is not us; it is the work or domestic life that is leaching all the fun out of life. If you want to feel good about yourself but are not in the market for a fling, flirting with an unavailable man is one way to go. The lack of pressure to do something after all the eyelashes have been batted is what makes it fun.

Say, the guy does come on to you, you can tell him “Hey, I thought you were married!” That will nip most problems in the bud!

Sometimes, it is not even about feeling good about yourself. Sometimes, you just want to carry out a conversation that does not involve the words, diaper, file, and job. You just want banter and witty repartee. Well, here is your chance. Get those creative juices flowing.

When we are out on a date, no matter how hard we try, we always try to put our best side forward. Trying out pick-up lines and sharing anecdotes that show our goof selves are both big no no’s. That pretty much disappears when you are flirting with a married guy. Not only has he seen and done it all, you are not serious about taking things further as well. That means, you can go ahead and snort wine out of your nose and he will not bat an eyelid!

The mother of all bonuses could drop right into your lap. He might have a single and very available friend that he can hook you up with.

Another variation on that dream come true, you flirt with Mr. Unavailable and the single guys start paying attention to you!

Since getting attention from someone else only reinforces your cuteness to you, why not pay it forward? Make a guy’s day by flirting with him.

We all have our own fantasy cast that we use to redecorate our sex lives. There is probably a vacant spot for McMarried in yours. Imagine how fun the forbidden factor will be when he gets to star in his own fantasy flick(s)!

For the Serious Flirts Looking for a Relationship

How to Flirt With Married Men

Just Call me Subtle
While a guy might be married to a harridan, many of them will try to stay committed to their marriage for as long as you can. If you are serious about attracting the attention of such a man, a blatant will just blow it out of the water. You need to be subtle but most of all, you need to be patient.

Have We Met Before?
In order to land a married man, do not waste your time running after strangers. Look for someone you see more than one time. Why do you ask? For the simple reason that for him to fall for you and leave his marriage for you, he needs more than just one chance meeting. Your priority should be to make him feel good without overdoing the flirting.

What, This Ol’ Thing?
Make sure that you look your best whenever you see each other. The point is to make him desire you but at the same, hiding that you may be interested in him. After all, to you, he is off-limits!
For the flirts looking for a diversion, could just be that. For the others, what you get out of it is a man who is mature enough to have a relationship. Either way, we hope this article has been of help to you!