What Men Need to Know About Dating Multiple Women

2 women trying to kiss man

Men love the idea of multiple dating

Men really do love the idea of multiple dating but many fail to start dating more than one person. Some men choose to avoid it because they believe that it is not possible and then there are those men who believe that women will be against the idea. Despite all of this, there are plenty of men out there who are casually dating and loving every minute of it. They put in the effort to make sure that they don’t find out and so, it can create stress and it can be unfair to the women involved. However, dating multiple girls is possible and it can be done respectfully.

Be Honest and Tell her Soon as you can

The main thing about dating more than one women is to ensure that everyone involved knows what is happening. It is only right that anyone new on the scene knows what she is letting herself in for.

This level of honesty will ensure that you don’t waste your time because keeping secrets will result in the relationship coming to an end eventually. So, the idea is to let them know as soon as possible that you don’t want to be exclusive. Tell her that you want to have fun by dating more than one person because she will then know where she stands. Setting out your expectations early can prevent a lot of hassle further down the line.

You might be thinking what girl in her right mind would be ok with this but you need to have the right attitude to the way in which you approach the situation. You are not trying to be shady or sleazy but you want to date multiple women but that can be a deal breaker for some women. Despite this way of thinking, there are those women who will be ok with it. This is where you need to adopt the right attitude because you don’t want to try and get away with anything, you still want her to feel as though you want to spend time with her, which you do of course. So, you need her to know that this is what you are and what you are looking for and that it is up to her whether she goes with the flow or moves on.

Dealing with this situation in this way will make her respect you and women love that. If you carry this level of confidence, she will almost find you irresistible.

Forget social media and always keep it casual

If you do want to start dating two women, remember that you should treat it almost as though you are having an affair, particularly if you have chosen not to tell them. So, when it comes to social media, don’t add them as a friend and don’t go liking any of her pictures or posts. Social media has a knack of linking people together and one harmless post here and a like there can really give away what you are up to. The best thing to do is completely remove yourself from using social media. It could be easier that way.

Casual is key

If you have gone all out and told her what you are doing and she is fine with that, keep it casual. Remember that she knows that you are dating other women, so she doesn’t need or want you telling her that she is the most amazing person in the world. So keep your feelings and thoughts like that to yourself, it just keeps things simple.

Avoid getting attached

You are dating multiple women because you like the attention and casual arrangement of it all but do not get attached. If you do end up going down this route then you might find that she will begin dating other men and that could lead to a whole load of needless emotions. If you are dating many women, you need to treat them all the same because none of them will allow any of the others to become “number one”. Of course, there is a chance you could develop feelings for one of them, that is natural and you are only human but try not to let this happen. Constantly remind yourself that your relationships are nothing more than just companionship.

Nothing lasts forever, even when multiple dating

Even if you are dating more than one woman, you need to remember that this arrangement will not last forever. Nothing will get better with time and it won’t become any more than what it is while you have so many women on the go. If you are looking for satisfaction then it could be time to look elsewhere but these are not true relationships. They are the coming together of people who are happy with the current arrangement because that is all it merely is. Of course, you are with them because you are attracted to them but it is nothing more than that. This current situation is nothing more than an agreement or an arrangement and one where everyone is happy. Once you find someone who is right for you or one of the other women begin looking elsewhere, things will change quickly. However, if you are going to go down the route of dating multiple women, remember that you need to plan, be considerate and more importantly be honest because there is no need for anyone to get hurt.