Why Do Some Men Like Bigger Women

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The dating world has gone through a seismic shift in recent years with more and more people connecting with each other. Singles are able to meet people they would never have had the chance to when using traditional dating means. Online dating has bought people together, but it has also stirred up questions about people’s dating habits and attractions.

It is it rocket science to say that the attitude towards sex and relationships has changed as dramatically as the platform people use to achieve the aforementioned aspects of life. Therefore, more people are talking about attraction and what makes bigger women more attractive to men than slimmer women. People are ready to fetishise without thought and don’t look into the depth and meaning behind this attraction. We discuss the major elements of why some men prefer bigger women and why it doesn’t matter if they do.

Past Preconceptions of Beauty

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There wasn’t always a time when being a US size 4 or below was considered the most attractive body type for a woman. Beauty standards have changed throughout the course of history and oddly enough they’re still prevalent today. People often forget how much of our innate instincts are still subconsciously working in our mind and size is no different.

For hundreds of years a woman who had more weight to her was considered the high ideal for womanly beauty. Especially within the period of the Italian Renaissance; a period known for its beauty and revival of classical thinking. The Italian Renaissance praised bigger bodies as the ideal figure for women. This was because women were meant to be a symbol of fertility; the added weight gave the impression that a woman was fertile and healthy. It meant she has access to food and resources that other women wouldn’t have had.

Furthermore, many people seem to ignore the simple fact that women naturally have more fat than men for child-rearing. Even the slimmest girl is going to have an extra layer of fat for this purpose. You can also see this subconscious idea of fertility working today as many men are still attracted to women with bigger breasts, hips and bottoms. This is an ingrained idea of fertility and womanly beauty that continues to be present today, although we seem to get swept up in trends of what beauty should adhere to. So, is it really that crazy that someone is attracted to someone bigger?

You’re Attracted to What You’re Attracted to

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Simply one of the biggest arguments for this topic is that you’re attracted to what you’re attracted to or whom you’re attracted to. People don’t make the decision to be attracted to certain aspects of a woman. Most guys don’t decide they’re going to be interested in big breasts or long hair; it is simply something that is a natural occurrence is a mans brain.

They haven’t forced themselves to be attracted to bigger women and why would they have to? These women are just as beautiful as slimmer women and deserve as much love as them as well. There is never a direct science when it comes to the wonderful world of attraction and there is nothing wrong with being attracted to something that isn’t the norm within society.

Weight Isn’t on Their Mind

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Oddly enough some guys just don’t even think about the woman they’re dating as a bigger woman. They’re just someone they love and are deeply attracted to; the fact that they’re a bigger size doesn’t occur to them at all. When you’re with someone you’re truly enamoured with than you look past the things that society tells you isn’t attractive.

Asking someone if they’re dating someone because they’re bigger is completely ridiculous. Of course it will have a part to play as they’re attracted to that body type, but it goes beyond face value. When you love and care for someone these things just fly away from your mind. You no longer think of them as just what you see on the outside as you know them at a deeper level.

Bigger Women are Absolutely Gorgeous

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Women are naturally beautiful creatures and it takes a lot for a woman not to be attractive. It is the way of the world. Women naturally are attractive to men no matter what size they are it’s how the human race lives on. Plus even if you aren’t attracted to someone of a bigger size than you know when they have an attractive face. You can look at someone and say ‘wow they’re actually absolutely stunning,’ and weight doesn’t have to counteract that.

At the end of the day, bigger women are just as beautiful as slimmer women. Who’s to say that they aren’t? Beauty is a sliding scale and it completely depends on the view of the person using the scale. Never underestimate your beauty and the power you hold. Never allow anyone to make you feel less worthy, because of something incredibly ridiculous like weight.

It’s Not All About Looks

Have you ever been super attracted to someone then found out they were an absolutely terrible human being and they somehow become half as attractive? Or found someone attractive and saw that they were a compassionate, intelligent and funny person, so you thought God had sent them down from Heaven just for you? Personality plays a large part in someone’s attraction to another human being. However, it isn’t the only thing as there has to be a base attraction first.

Ultimately, you’re not just going to be with someone for how they look as you’re considering spending the rest of your life with this person. You want to be able to laugh, talk and have amazing experiences with that person. Just because you’re attracted to someone doesn’t mean you’re going to have a certain level of chemistry.

Always remember that this is your life and nobody should be able to put you down for the decisions you make in life. If you’re happy at your size then celebrate it, don’t hide because the people who will put you down don’t have a leg to stand on. Don’t let people’s conceptions of beauty turn you away from love and that goes for both guys and women. Don’t feel bullied into not dating someone because they aren’t what is considered conventionally attractive and understand that you have the right to feel love.