Help! Where Can I Meet Girls?

young people in synglasses

As the weather grows colder, you are going to want to avoid the bar scene, especially if you are hoping to meet a woman. Why do you want to avoid the bars? Well, for starters, more men than women will be hanging out here and for secondly, are the women that frequent these bars really the type of woman that you want to date for the long term? Maybe not.

So, now that bars are off your list of where to meet ladies, you may be wondering to yourself, “Where can I meet girls?” We’ve got 7 options of places to meet women that don’t include a dimly lit room brimming with testosterone and free-flowing booze.

1. Coffee Shops

The coffee shop may be the sober version of a bar because it is a very cliché place to meet women in a non-confrontational venue. Women tend to stop at these places for their morning pick-me-ups, but also as a way to get out of their apartments (or offices) and get a bit of fresh air. So, yes, it makes a perfect spot-kick some game, especially if she isn’t a regular. Of course, if she is, then that wouldn’t be so bad, either!

2. Recreational Sports League

These leagues are a perfect way to meet an active woman who enjoys getting physical (not intimate) and you can almost guarantee that she’s got a competitive streak—both are a plus for many men who want to date someone exciting.

3. Cigarette Breaks

Work can be stressful, that much is sure. However, instead of hanging out in the break room commiserating on the rough workload you’ve been assigned, you can relate to the ladies who may be out on their cigarette breaks. It’s a quick way to get to know someone without seeming too intrusive.

4. The Post Office

Even though the Post Office isn’t a glamorous place to meet someone, it still can work. Think about it, you hold the door open for a woman with an armful of packages, and she smiles appreciatively as she walks through. You make small talk about the packages and where they are going. You share a story about your travels and BAM! You’ve found yourself a date!

5. Retail Stores

Now before you start getting panic attacks about going into these stores and having to go broke, you can take a deep breath. You don’t have to go broke, why you don’t even have to buy anything! Just go
inside and visit a department that customers are interested in the product (electronics, jewelry, fragrances, and maybe even home décor) and you can ask the women there for their opinion. Or, you can really be bold and venture into the ladies department and look at sweaters. With a befuddled look on your face, approach a woman and ask her opinion stating that you’re looking for a gift for your sister and you have no idea what is in fashion. Pair this with a compliment about her own style and you’ve got her.

6. Some kind of class.

Whether you are in college or you are taking a life enrichment course for one thing or another, you can approach a woman in your class for study help. This is a perfect opportunity to get close to one another one on one and talk about something you’ve already got in common. If you meet frequently enough, you will start talking about other things that you may have in common and it could only build from there!

7. Public Transportation

Some people feel that approaching someone on public transportation is a bit creepy, and for many, it very well may be. However, it all depends on how you approach them. For example, you don’t want to make the woman feel uncomfortable or threatened… Instead, ask if anyone is sitting beside her. If she moves over and doesn’t put the headphones back in her ears or doesn’t take out her cell phone, then you’ve got your opportunity to make casual conversation. Of course, you will want to gauge her responses and plan your next course of action accordingly. If she is into it, you could ask her where her next stop is and if it is close to yours, you could ask if she’d like to meet somewhere in the middle for coffee later.