How to Date a Woman Who is More Attractive than You

blonde woman with bearded man

When it comes to dating, the phrase “out of your league” is like a kiss of death and can make even the most confident person rethink their decision in regard to approaching a woman who you think you should never approach (think of Donald Trump and his super-hot wife, Melania. If he didn’t have that money, would she even had married him?).

So how does someone like you, who may not have Trump money, attract a woman as gorgeous as Melania? The short answer is that you should treat a beautiful woman like you would any other woman. Oh, and having a bit of charm doesn’t hurt either.
If you aren’t satisfied with the short answer (which we hope you aren’t!), we have some tips that will help you date attractive women.

Respect her Intelligence

Not all beautiful women have air between their ears. In fact, there are countless beautiful ladies who have the looks and brains to match. One of the best ways that you can win her heart is by taking her somewhere intellectual for the first date. We aren’t suggesting that you plan to take her to a lecture on astrophysics, but a museum, art gallery, or even a critically acclaimed theater production are good choices.

Have some intelligence yourself

If you are hoping to attract a beautiful woman who has a brain, you also have to have some smarts yourself. Study up on some of the things that interest her and wow her by what you know — even if it is the bare minimum. You’ll quickly discover that she appreciates the effort you took to learn stuff that she enjoys and you may even find that you have an interest in those topics too. Why, you could look like a hobbit but if you are smart enough, you can spark her interest just with your mind.


So, what do you do if an attractive woman hits on you? Before you have a mini-panic attack, take a few deep breaths and remember that she is a regular person, therefore all you need to do is act natural. You’ll do much better by being yourself than if you were to act like this was the first woman you ever spoke to!

Show that you can have fun

Showing the woman that you can be fun and she’ll have fun with you is definitely a great way to get her interested in you. If you’re one of the lucky men who is pursued by a woman and she asks you out on a date, accept the date and show her the time of her life. The more you can make her laugh, the more it works in your favor.

Don’t be afraid to be romantic

Attractive women are women nonetheless and we all know how much women love romance. How can you do that? Pull out a chair for her, open the car door (or any door for that matter), hold her jacket…

These things may not sound like anything special, but women take notice of these things and they are smitten by a bit of chivalry.