How to Make a Woman Chase You Again

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Listen, we’ve all been there. You are desperately attracted to this beautiful girl but you just can’t seem to get her attention – or you are in a relationship and it’s lost the flirtatious spark. You’ve tried what feels like everything and you’re beginning to wonder if you should just give up. We are going to cover everything from how to make the girl chase you to when to stop pursuing a woman; whilst also questioning as to whether she wants to be the one chased.

How to get her to chase you:

Chasing women can be tricky sometimes and we don’t always come off as cool and confident as we had anticipated, and can sometimes end up just embarrassing ourselves. However, it’s not always how we appear that will attract the fairer sex. There is a multitude of ways to grab her attention and move you from the peripherals to front and centre, whether that be playing hard to get or showing her your softer side. The method that has proved itself, time and time again and is a sure fire way to make her chase you is to make her feel cared for. The world can be a nasty place at the best of times and all anyone wants is to feel like someone cares. Be that someone! Whilst this may sound a bit stereotypical it will always be your best option, as when it comes to long-lasting relationships ‘the bad guy’ won’t always make the cut. Proving you care can be as simple as listening and showing positive body language. For example, when she wants to vent about her day or had a particularly stressful day at work, listen! If you make her feel heard and appreciated she will feel closer to you and this, in turn, will make you stand out to her. Body language is also super important here. If you want to remain out of the friend zone, don’t forget to show you are available. This could be as simple as keeping your body turned to her, taking any chance you can to initiate physical contact such as brushing hands or touching her arm. If for example, you are already friends with her then try putting her arm around her occasionally or finding an excuse to hug.

Another quality that women love and will have her chasing after you is humour. If you are not naturally funny or know when it is best to make a joke try not to force it. But for those of you who are relatively skilled in this area then utilise it. Women love a man that can make her laugh as it makes things feel a little less intense. She wants to feel comfortable around you and if you can make her laugh then she will automatically be more drawn to you as a person.

A different way of going about making her chase you would be mysterious. Give her little bits of yourself in intervals and leaving her wanting more will drive her crazy. You don’t have to be mean about this but initiating random intervals of flirting will make her chase you in search for more; this will also be more effective if you have already been the one chasing her. However, do not be too overbearing with the flirting as sometimes too much emphasis on this can come off as a little creepy and may put her off altogether. Ultimately, stop chasing her and she will come to you, but only if you lay down the groundwork.

Does she want me to chase her?

Not every female in your life will be this confident woman who knows what she wants and will go for it, sometimes you’ve got to be the one pulling the weight – especially at the beginning of the relationship. If the girl you are interested in is a little more on the shy side then there are some tell-tale signs she is interested but is struggling to make the first move. If you notice she opens up a bit more around you or doesn’t hide herself as much, then you’re in a good position! When a shy girl is around someone she likes you’ll notice that she talks a bit more, she will make more eye contact and may even try to initiate the physical contact such as touching your arm. They may be harder to notice at first but if they’re there it’s undeniable.

On the other hand, confident women may also want to be the one chased. As we said earlier, women liked to feel cared for so even though she is flirtatious back and seems to be taking the lead you might have to step in and make the first move. She may even like a bit of back and forth where you both are chasing each other.

When to stop pursuing a woman:

So, you’ve tried it all. You’ve followed this through and you tried incorporating these tips into your life but nothing seems to have changed. In that case, then I’m afraid she’s just not that into you and you’ve found a dead end here. At this point, it would be catastrophic to try and push this romance anymore and now all there is to do is to lick your wounds and get back on the horse. There will always be more opportunities to find love but this is just one that got away. Here is an article to help identify your hunch that she doesn’t see you in a romantic way.

The exciting adventure of a new romance can be a difficult one, but as long as you are respectful and still manage to have fun at the same time you’ll be golden. Don’t forget to show you care and hold on to that mysterious vibe and she will be chasing you before you know it. This may take a bit of time and could even be frustrating at times but if it’s meant to be, it will be. Good luck!