Are You Girlfriend Material?

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We have all gotten to that point where we need to decide whether to take our relationship with someone to the next level. Sure, you may have had fun while dating, but does that mean you want to introduce him to your parents or plan a future together? If you’re asking yourself these questions, then you can be sure he’s asking them too. Although men and women differ on what they’re looking for in their relationships that doesn’t mean he is searching for qualities that’ll prove to him that you are the definition of a good girlfriend. We explore what it means to be girlfriend material, what he is looking for and what he wants to avoid when deciding whether to go steady with you.

What is Girlfriend Material?

Girlfriend material can mean different things to various guys, but it can basically be boiled down to what qualities they’re looking for in a woman that makes her a good choice for a future relationship. Therefore, just because a guy you’re dating doesn’t see a future with you that doesn’t mean you’re not girlfriend material for someone else.
Furthermore, singles who’re dating later in life or those out of their twenties may seem pickier, but it is because they’ve had experience and know what they want from their relationships. So, it is incredibly dependent on who you’re dating, their past relationships and where they see themselves romantically can determine what they’re looking for.

What Makes a Woman Girlfriend Material?

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As stated before, it can entirely depend on the guy you’re dating to determine what they’re looking for, but there are qualities that many men search for when they’re looking to move a relationship forward, such as:


You’re going to be one of the most important people in their life; who they see on a regular basis and seek approval from. If they love and respect you, then of course they want to know that you’re supportive of their decisions and will help them decide what they need to do. There are going to be time when they don’t want a lecture but want to know that you’re still going to love and support what they do.


Your man is going to depend on you to give him advice and help concerning his career, familial and friendly relationships as well as providing advice for little things. He values your opinion as you’re the one who knows him the most and will understand your situation the best. Being able to give him honest and thoughtful advice is integral for any relationship that wants to succeed in the long-run.


We’ve all been in the lovey-dovey stage where we don’t want to separate from our partner for too long, but if you’re looking to enter a serious relationship, then you need to be comfortable with doing your own thing. Spending time alone, meeting your own friends and doing the things you love will make your stronger as a couple not weaker. So, he is likely going to be looking for independent traits when thinking about whether to take the relationship further.


This is one of the only people in your life that you shouldn’t be afraid to be open and honest with. If you love one another, then you need to be genuine and talk to each other even if it may be hard for them to hear. The future of a good relationship rests on being able to converse with one another openly and effectively, so he’ll be searching for someone who can be honest about their opinions, thoughts and emotions.


You’ll be surprised by how much radiating confidence can improve your outward looks. You appear stronger, self-assured and sexy to the man you’re dating when you have confidence. Whether its in relation to your appearance, your thoughts or in social situations an outward display of confidence is a must in a relationship.

Hinderances to Not Being Good Girlfriend Material

You should never blame yourself when a relationship doesn’t work out or when dating doesn’t turn into something more, but, undeniably, there are certain behaviours that aren’t favourable. It doesn’t mean you should hide who you really are as there is somebody for everyone, but some characteristics are less desirable than others, such as:

Can’t Connect

If you’re unable to be open, genuine and honest with the guy you’re dating, then you’re not going to be able to form the connections you need to create a loving relationship. It’s not about whether you like the same types of films or food, but whether you’ve been able to get on their level and create meaningful bonds. Mostly, not being able to connect comes from one parties’ inability too, so if you’ve had trouble securing a partner, then try to allow yourself to be more vulnerable when dating.

Not Being Present

If you’re not taking the time to engage with what your date is saying or are too busy checking your phone when you’re out, then the guys you’re dating are likely to not think of you as girlfriend material. If you always seem more interested in what you have to say, then you’re showing that you cannot work as a partnership.

Creating Drama

Nobody wants to live out a soap or telenovela, so why put your date through it? Involving people in your relationship unnecessarily, creating gossip and drama, and purposefully making issues in your relationship is naturally going to hinder whether they will want to be with you long-term.

Whenever you’re dating you should be making conscious efforts to be present, open and engage with what the person you’re talking to is saying. You’re not bowing down to him or submitting by doing this as you’re just showing you can work in a partnership. Relationships are all about compromise and understanding, so if you’re looking to secure a boyfriend, then you need to be able to show you’re willing to do make the effort.

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