Find Out How to Start a Conversation with a Girl Right Here

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There’s no denying that approaching women we have never spoken to before can be intimidating. Many people worry that they will be laughed at, or that their attempt to make conversation will be met with an angry response. First impressions are very important, and if you get it wrong you could mess up something that could have been fantastic if you’d approached it correctly. If you have found it difficult to approach girls and fire up new conversations in the past, we can help. Read on for vital information on striking up conversations with girls that could lead to amazing things.

Starting a convo with a girl is easier than you might think

One thing may men tend to overlook is the fact that the person they want to speak to might be just as nervous as them. They may also wish to strike a conversation with you. Even if they don’t seem very approachable, this does not mean they have taken an instant dislike to you. If you do find the courage to start talking to them, you may find they are very chatty once you have made the first move.

Wondering how to start a conversation? What not to do

There are some things you do need to avoid when you are attempting to fire up a conversation with a woman you have never spoken to before. It’s never wise to open up the conversation with a comment on her looks, even if you are being complimentary. This can make you seem creepy and leave her feeling uncomfortable. It’s obviously easier to start a conversation with someone who seems to have a friendly demeanour, so it may be best to begin talking to girls who seem relaxed or who have made eye contact with you.

How to make small talk with a girl

Small talk can play a big role in getting conversations off the ground. Even bringing up the weather, last night’s TV or something in the news may well get her talking. Many great conversations start in queues, at bus stops, railway stations and in crowds. Make sure you are looking at her face rather than any other part of her body when you start talking to her. Don’t start gazing at areas like her thighs or breasts or you could make her feel highly uncomfortable. It’s also important not to look away from her when you are talking to her. If you do find yourself staring at the ground or around the room, you could come across as intensely nervous, which may make her feel tense too. If you do spend a great deal of time looking around, the girl may think you are not really interested in them. Although maintaining eye contact can be scary, the more you do it, the easier it becomes.

Be presentable when talking to girls

Girls are much more likely to engage in conversation with you when you are smiling. It’s also important to maintain good hygiene when you are interested in starting new conversations with women. If you do plan to start talking to a range of girls you have never met before over the coming days or weeks, make sure your clothes are clean, you have brushed your teeth, are wearing deodorant and your hair isn’t greasy.

Relax when chatting with women

Try not to talk too quickly even if you are nervous. Take a deep breath and let your words out at a pace slow enough for her to understand what you are saying. It’s important to appear enthusiastic without looking overly-eager of desperate. If the girl doesn’t see you as a challenge, she is less likely to be interested in you. If you do find yourself deep in conversation for 15-30 minutes, you could ask for her number or see if she is interested in adding you in social media. If she says yes to either of these options, let her know that you enjoyed speaking to her the next day, but try not to be too full-on and avoid bombarding her with messages. If she replies and seems eager to keep the conversation going, great things could be just around the corner.

Start a convo with a girl – be positive

It’s very important to keep things light when you are talking to a girl that you are interested in. You may wish to avoid swearing or using negative terms like ‘hate’. Although this approach may win over some girls, many will find it somewhat off-putting. You could appear incredibly intense and full of anger. Even if you’re not a naturally optimistic person, try to be upbeat.

Assess the mood after initiating a conversation with a girl

When you try to get a conversation going with a girl but your efforts aren’t paying off, it’s best to walk away. The situation could turn nasty and she may start to feel offended. You shouldn’t find it too hard to tell whether she is interested in talking to you or not. Her body language can offer clues as to whether she is enjoying talking to you. If her responses to your questions are lengthy and detailed, and she smiles and makes a vast amount of eye contact, this is good news. If she only responds with curt, short answers, it may be best to look elsewhere.

Keep conversations with girls flowing

Make sure you are asking her open-ended questions rather than ones that can be answered with a swift ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Try not to overthink things. Flirting and starting new conversations with girls are supposed to be fun activities, so avoid analysing the situation too much. Even if you have an enjoyable conversation but you don’t get her number, you’ve still given yourself more valuable practice at introducing yourself to and speaking with females that take your fancy.


More girls are willing to talk to you than you might think. No matter how scary the idea of starting a conversation with a girl you have never met before might seem, you may be pleasantly surprised by the outcome if you make the leap and start talking. Just try to talk about universal topics that most people are interested in and see how it goes from there. Don’t take rejection personally – even if she doesn’t want to talk, many girls will!