How to Understand the Body Language of Men


Like women, guys don’t always say exactly what they’re feeling when they feel it. However, the good news is that men don’t need to say much at all to give away what they’re thinking. Men’s body language can be very telling, letting you know just what’s on your man’s mind without him even opening his mouth. So, if you’re in the early days of a relationship and you want to gain a sense of what he’s feeling and thinking, look for these signs. Here’s how to understand men body language.

Body language of men interested


His pupils are big

Either you’re in a really dark place, like the cinema, or this very subtle sign means he likes you. Patti Wood, an expert in reading male body language, says, “Dilation is a brain response that occurs when you like and are attracted to something”. So, next time you’re on a date, stare into his eyes and see if his pupils are big!

He raises his eyebrows

When a guy is smitten, he may raise his brows. People often use this subconscious expression as a way to help open their eyes when they’re attracted to someone. If you notice that his eyebrows are ever so slightly raised when he’s talking to you, it a good sign that he’s interested in you.

He displays his front teeth

According to body language experts, men stop showing their front teeth when they smile at around five years old, unless they’re really happy. So if he displays a toothy grin whilst you’re on a date, it’s likely that he’s having an awesome time with you. He feels happy and he’s not afraid to show it!

He touches his face a lot

When a man touches his face while talking to you, this is a good sign that he’s into you. Whether he’s stroking his beard or scratching his chin, he’s telling you that his attention is focused on you. He’s all ears and listening intently to what you’re saying. Touching his face is also probably a way for him to keep his hands to himself!

He leans forwards in your direction

If you’re somewhere noisy, like in a bar, this sign probably isn’t very helpful. However, if you’re somewhere he can easily hear what you’re saying and you he leans in anyway, it most likely means a guy likes you and he wants you sexually. He hooked and doesn’t want to miss a word, so will get as close to you as he possibly can!

Body language of men not interested


He looks more at his watch than at you

If he’s clearly not engaged in the conversation and his mind seems elsewhere, this may mean that he’s just not very interested. When a guy likes you, his body language will involve looking in your eyes and at your lips, rather than at his wristwatch.

He crosses his arms

Crossing his arms might simply mean that he’s nervous, especially if it’s the first date. However, this certainly isn’t the body language of love. If he’s crossing his arms, legs and anything else that there is to cross, it’s likely that he’s just not that into you. A guy who really likes you will display open, engaged and attentive body language.

He doesn’t find an excuse to touch you

If the guy you’re dating never finds an excuse to touch you, he’s probably not interested. Guys are much like children in that they will touch what they think is pretty! If he like you, he will find a way to touch you, even if it’s a high five after you beat him at mini golf. If you’re getting no physical interaction from him at all, it may be time to move on.

His face lacks emotion

If you’re half-way through a funny story or joke and you look across at your guy only to see a blank expression on his face, like he’s not even paying attention, that’s a bad sign. You might assume that you’re boring him, and sadly that may be the case. When a guy likes you, his face will be animated with his eyebrows raised and large pupils as you engage in conversation. If his face lacks any kind of emotion, it’s a good sign that he won’t be sticking around too long.

His feet point away

You can learn a lot about guys body language through his feet. If a guy likes you, he will position his open legs in your direction. However, if he’s not into you, he will point his feet away from you. If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. We gravitate towards things that we like, and so a guy will show his interest by positioning his body in your direction. Next time you’re up close and personal on a date, for example sitting on stools close together at a bar, glance at his feet and see which direction his feet are pointing!

Understanding guy gestures and what they mean can be difficult and confusing, but hopefully, this article has given you some insight into how to read the body language of men in love. So, if you’re not sure if the guy you really like is interested in you, take a look at his body language to work out what he’s not saying. It can tell you everything, letting you know if he could be ‘the one’ or if he’s Mr. Wrong. The phrase ‘actions speak louder than words’ has never been truer than when it comes to understanding a guy’s feelings.

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