5 Signs that Indicate That It’s Time To Call it Quits

couple in quarrel

How many times have you talked to someone and they seem completely miserable in their relationship, yet they stay? Why you may have even found yourself in that situation a time or two before.

There is something about that relationship that you just cannot let go, whether it is because you’ve had a great number of good memories with them and you’re afraid you’ll never feel that sort of connection again, or maybe you’re staying for the kids, or maybe you have invested too much time and energy into the relationship to say goodbye. Whatever the case may be, the relationship is well past its expiration date and you definitely need to sever ties.

Here are five indicators that your relationship has reached the final legs and it needs to be put down to bed.

1. There is no future there.

When you are in a relationship with someone that you’re really into, it’s fun imagining what a future would be like with that person. You can get lost in the family vacations, your wedding day, the honeymoon; the whole nine yards. However, the moment that you stop envisioning a future with them, that is when you may want to reconsider your relationship. You could always check to see how your partner feels by asking them something about your future together. If they try to change the subject or they don’t seem very invested in the conversation, perhaps it’s time to have a different conversation altogether.

2. Lackluster sex.

There isn’t anything wrong with wanting to have a healthy intimate life with the person that you are in a relationship with. After all, you are a healthy adult with needs. However, one thing that people confuse as a healthy sex life is by going off of what other couples consider healthy. Your main focus should be whether or not you are enjoying intimacy with your partner. If you aren’t feeling satisfied, then you may want to either ask your partner to spice things up or hit the escape button.

3. Horrible fights.

Any relationship will have their fair share of fights and arguments. However, when an argument turns into something nasty and hurtful things are said intentionally, then there are some serious problems that need to be resolved. Although you may love your partner, you may not like them, and in order to be in a fulfilling relationship, you have to like and love them. When you’re fighting more than not, then it isn’t a healthy relationship and you need to reconsider your relationship status.

4. Excessive passive-aggressiveness.

When either person resorts to passive-aggressiveness, then that is a sign that things are past the point of no return. When one person feels annoyed more often than not when their loved one walks into the room, there are deeper problems that need to be addressed.

5. No fun.

What is the point of dating someone if you don’t enjoy each other’s company anymore? When you start dating someone, you can’t get enough of them, right? Ideally, this kind of passion continues all throughout the relationship. However, when you start making excuses to not spend time together, then it’s a sign that your relationship is nearing an end.