What is Your Dating Personality, and What Does it Say about You?

man gugging woman

Are you needy? Or are you a flirt? Learn about dating personalities and which category you fall in.

Whether we want to admit it or not, we all have a predictable dating personality, that you may not have noticed yourself, but your friends and those around you definitely have.

Sometimes our dating personality mirrors our everyday personality. If you are a get-up-and goer, then your dating life reflects that. Other times, we are determined and focused on our jobs, or our friends, but lack the same motivation when it comes to our dating lives.

The Organic Dater

The organic dater really doesn’t want to force anything, because life is just not like that. Whilst they are willing to put themselves out there to an extent, they will not force flirting. And they will take up your suggestions to go on an online dating website and build a profile, but that’s as far as it goes. If someone wants to meet you they will find you. Somehow, somewhere. You’re not going to force it. If you force it, then it’s just not genuine, is it?

The Fairytale Dater

Fairytale daters, otherwise known as dreamers, tend to be pretty much the same way in their general life. Fairytale daters fantasize about old relationships as though nothing ever went wrong, and if it did, surely it will work itself out. Fairytale dreamers spend so much of their time dreaming about their perfect partner, they often dismiss potential dates. They will not meet and flirt with anyone unless they feel that special connection. The hearts and flowers, the skipping heartbeat. They believe in love at first sight and living happily ever after.

The Needy Dater

The needy dater doesn’t necessarily want the person they are with or even like them, but they need to feel wanted. Needy daters will start a relationship with someone who they don’t particularly have feelings for, but because the other person wants them. Needy daters are serial daters, they are rarely ever single, and if they are, this never lasts long. Needy daters find it hard to say no to a relationship or a date, whether they feel anything for the other person or not.

The Rescuer

Rescuing daters, are the same as old ladies who can’t say no to a stray cat. They want to feel wanted, so they attract broken people who need to be fixed. Rescuing daters suddenly pay attention when their date seems unable to cope on their own, or they need help fixing some part of their life but can’t see a way out. Rescue daters like to feel wanted and tend to steer towards dependent people rather than independent daters.

The Flirter

The flirter is usually confident and social butterflies. They thrive in social situations and love to be the center of attention. Flirters attract a lot of attention because of their confidence, and therefore never want to settle down. Flirters like the chase of dating, the flirting and the attention, but they soon get bored and look for their next fix elsewhere. Flirters love to be seduced, but their attention span and interest are short and they will quickly move on to the next person for their attention fix.