Signs That a New Relationship Will Last


When you venture into a new relationship you never fully know the signs a relationship will last or whether it is a flash in the pan. The signs below will indicate that your relationship will last.

You Help Each Other

This is something that just happens. While one may look after the housework, the other may take care of all the cooking. Sometimes in life or even around the home, you need to look out for each other because this is what good relationships are built on. In fact, it is something that you just do without realising.

You Understand Each Other


Long lasting relations will involve an understanding. A relationship that is not built to last will involve the two of you having different priorities. One of you may be career focused while the other wants to start a family. One may want to go out and party while the other wants to settle down but if you are in a relationship that works, these are things that will not matter because you are both on the same page.

Communication is Vital

A successful relationship relies heavily on people who talk about things. This is not about things in general such as your favourite TV shows but the important things in life such as big decisions, feeling whether they are good or bad and any problems you may have. Couples who communicate end up staying together because they talk things through before they become a problem.

You Both Know When you are in the Wrong

Everyone makes mistakes, it is part of being human but the trick to a good relationship is knowing when you have done wrong and admitting to it. Once you have admitted to it, you can then begin to put things right and this will not leave you wondering “will my relationship last?” Of course, there are different levels of being in the wrong. Getting angry at a minor problem is something that can be sorted but once it crosses a line and becomes abusive in a physical or mental way then the chances are, things cannot be put right.

You are both in Control of the Relationship


You probably think that this is obvious but sometimes, external forces can influence a relationship and when they do, it is a recipe for disaster. Throughout life, you will have people who try to control you such as friends and family but when you are in a relationship, the trick to making it work is to deal with these external influences in a way that means they do not affect you.

When Things aren’t Working You Fix Them.

It is too common for people to throw a relationship away because they simply cannot be bothered to try to fix things. This kind of attitude works when you are talking about goods but when it comes to people, it does not work. There is no such thing as a perfect relationship because they all have their difficulties. When you decide to put things right, there will be no questions about “is my relationship going to last”. Understand that the good times will outweigh the bad times but when the bad times come, you tackle them head on.

Every relationship is different and they are all built on different strengths and weaknesses. The points above are general signs that your relationship will last but for it to be a success, you always have to work at it. Once one of you stops working at it, you will soon find that you begin to drift apart.