How to Rekindle a Marriage in Five Steps


Are you looking for things to do to rekindle a marriage? You’ve come to the right place. Here we share five steps to rekindle your relationship.

What are the Things to Do to Rekindle a Marriage?

There are five basic things you can do:

1) Forgive and forget the past
2) Stop nagging and start praising
3) Use the five love languages to rekindle romance
4) Go on adventures to reawaken the flame
5) Be vulnerable

Let’s have a look at these basic steps and see how they could work for you!

How to Start Over in a Relationship


To have a good relationship right now, you have to let go of past hurts within the marriage. You’ve both changed. Now is now, then was then.

To forgive and forget, it might help to talk about how certain things have hurt you, or are hurting you, while also taking responsibility for your own emotions (the other person might not have intended to hurt you; part of your reaction lies in the interpretation of what was/is happening). Share your thoughts around it. If you like, you can do this with a therapist or on your own. Just remember, this isn’t about accusations, this is about freely sharing from the heart. No blame, no shame, just honestly sharing how something makes/made you feel.

Once you’ve shared you have to let it go and start afresh.

Stop Nagging and Start Praising


When it comes to how to find love again in your marriage, it is also about accepting the other person. You can make it clear that you don’t appreciate certain things, but they are who they are and either you accept it, or you leave. You’re there to love them, not nag them.

What works a charm if you want to encourage someone to do certain things, be it take out the rubbish, or give you compliments, is to praise them and thank them when they do it. If you give your husband, or wife, a big juicy kiss after they’ve done or said something you appreciate, chances are they’ll do it again. Positive re-enforcement works a charm and removes the negativity surrounding nagging.

Also, praise your partner in general. Instead of telling funny stories about how they burnt the food at the barbecue last week when out with friends, tell stories of how great they are. Show your pride when around others. And when alone compliment them – be it for their sexy arms or kind heart. Really make an effort to show your appreciation.

How to Get Romance Back in Your Marriage and Rekindle Sex


What is passion in a relationship? It’s the want for each other, isn’t it? And it’s rekindled when you do and say certain things.

The above-mentioned praise is part of what will bring both romance and sex back into your marriage (and remember to praise in the bedroom too!), but there’s more to it.

Have a think about this: anything that stagnates dies. That means if you don’t grow together, or you don’t grow as a person, things start to die. What you can do to rekindle the spark is to learn new things together, explore new experiences together, travel to new places together and in general do things you’ve never done together. Adrenaline works a charm too!

Learning the five love languages (i.e. acts of service, physical touch, gifts, quality time and words of praise) help a lot, because everyone needs something different to feel loved. If you don’t give it, they don’t feel loved. Figure out each other’s love languages and use them!