Stay Out of the Friend Zone and Make Her Want You

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The friend zone for men and for women are two different places. For women, it’s a comfortable place, a happy place even. This is where she can talk about anything with him and just have fun. For a guy? It isn’t a good place to be in, at all.

It’s especially hard for the guy when he’s attracted to the woman, and there isn’t anything going on besides friendship.

Fellas, you know what we’re talking about. It’s that zone where you think you’re doing everything that would make her fall for you, but instead, she sees you only as a friend. Once you get thrown into that category, it’s so rare to get out of it.

Top Reasons Guys Gets Himself Friend Zoned

A guy will put himself into the friend zone for some pretty obvious reasons. He acts like a friend! On top of that, he never lets the girl he’s interested in know that he likes her on more than just a platonic level. Within time, the girl loses all realization of the fact that this guy is actually a man. And he just becomes another person she hangs out with all the time as just a friend. Here’re the most common reasons why he’s friend-zoned:
• They become too close.
• There’s no sexual chemistry.
• The woman isn’t attracted to him.
• He thinks that she’s too good for him.
• He plays the real friend card.

How to Prevent Yourself from Being the Friend-Zone Guy

It’s really simple to avoid being put the friend zone. All you have to do is hint around now and then to let her know that you’re interested in dating her. You can use these useful tips to make sure she get’s the message that you like her more than just a friend.

• Be her friend without acting like the people she hangs out with.

Don’t be that person she goes to talk for hours about her problems. Instead, talk about places she’s visited, her interests, and things like that.

• Try talking to her when she’s alone.

If she’s around her friends, don’t approach her. Instead, wait for the time when she’s alone. She’ll catch on that you would rather be alone with her and will go out of her way to ensure you two are alone more often.

• Compliment her when she’s earned it.

If she looks good, tell her. If she tells a really interesting story, tell her how engaging she is. Find reasons (legitimate reasons!) to pay her a compliment. She’ll be flattered and will start appreciating you more.

• Treat and even touch (within reasons) her like a girlfriend.

Always be respectable when you’re around her. You don’t want to be too crude or forward. However, give her a hug now and then. Share secrets with her that you wouldn’t tell anyone else. Be chivalrous and open doors for her or hold her hand when crossing the street. Of course, only do these things when it’s just the two of you. When her other friends are around, don’t give her any special treatment. This will let her know that you’re interested in her as something more than a friend.