Never Talk About These 5 Things on a First Date – Ever!

bored couple

Think of a first date like a fact-finding mission. You want to learn as much as you can about this person sitting across from you at the table, but you want to tread carefully lest you offend them by asking the wrong questions or bringing up the topics of doom.

So you may be wondering what these topics may be, right? Members of a popular dating site have voted on the top five topics you should avoid on a first date, especially if you want a second date!

5. Show Me The Money

When you are getting to know one another, one of the first questions that is usually asked is what you do for a living. Although this is a perfectly fine question because it can easily turn into an in-depth conversation; it can also lead into dangerous territory when you start talking about just how well your job pays. You don’t want to brag about the new Mercedes you bought last week or that first class flight to Barbados. Instead, keep the conversation modest and downplay how much you make, partially because you don’t want to seem like a braggart, but you also don’t want to wonder if the person wants to date you because you’re an awesome person or if they like how deep your pockets are.

4. Politically Speaking

Whether you are right wing, a leftist, independent or you don’t give two flying hoots about politics, you do not want to bring it up. Think about it… You could get along great with the other person, but as soon as they mention that they are pro-this and anti-that, things could get heated pretty quickly if you have the opposite opinion regarding the matters.

3. Sex Talk

Even though you two may be getting along great and the sexual tension is growing, you don’t want to let the conversation become too sexual — unless you are just looking for a casual hook-up and aren’t hoping for something more meaningful. It’s best if you keep your preferences to yourself until a few dates in.

2. Religion

We understand that your religion may play a big role in your life, which is completely fine. However, unless you joined a religious-based dating site, it may be best if you don’t talk about your faith on the first date. Some people believe that it is okay to discuss religion (only briefly) if they are looking to date someone with the same religious beliefs — how else are they going to know if they are dating a fellow Buddhist unless they ask? This is a tricky subject, so best use your judgment. You could always by-pass the awkwardness by stating on your dating profile that you are looking to date others who share the same beliefs.

1. Exes and Past Relationships

This is one of the worst topics to discuss while on a first date. Why? If you feel the need to relive the past with someone that you are just getting to know, they may think you aren’t ready to move on and that you’re still hung up on the ex. It’s uncomfortable for the other person and it’s just not a good look. If you are serious about dating someone new, leave the ex in the past where they belong.