Here’s Why Some of Us Are Attracted To ‘Crazy People’

tatooed couple

Yes, you must be wondering how crazy people are able to have better relationships. Aren’t they constantly judged and stereotyped? But researchers have observed people who are of an unusual nature (aka weird people) find lasting love.

Crazy people are categorized as such because of their personality traits. This would include people who have obsessive-compulsive disorders, such as being neurotic or impulsive, or people who are so juvenile that they don`t care what others think of them. Studies show such people are rarely found to be single and many are parents. So, let’s look at reasons why crazy people are so successful in their romantic life.

A Crazy Person Will Balance the Non-Crazy Person in You

It’s true that opposites attract. If you are a laid-back person, you definitely need someone who is not so carefree. People with OCD have an uncontrollable need to control everything, which includes cleaning, paying bills and taking matters into their own hands. While someone like this may get on your nerves, you definitely need them to bring order to your life. People with OCD are perfectionists at what they do and that is why they are so successful. They know that constant nagging will get work done, no matter how crazy someone calls them. On the other hand, if you are the neurotic one in the relationship, your partner needs to be the carefree type to bring you out of your comfort zone.

They Will Bring Change

When someone’s too ‘vanilla’, they need some devilish chocolate in their life. Crazy people can be extremely adventurous and if you are an introvert, they will help you break your bubble. A crazy partner can be impulsive and might make impromptu plans for a romantic dinner or a fiery session in bed.

Relationships can get boring if the couple doesn’t participate in fun activities. Not only will a crazy person add adventure but will also push you to make drastic changes in your life. For example, maybe you always wanted to be a police officer but considered it too risky and settled on being an accountant.

Your crazy partner will push you to take risks and help you achieve your dreams.

They Will Bring a Different Perspective

Since crazy people don’t care what the world thinks of them, they can bring a different perspective to your life. For example, if you feel shy dancing in the rain because it will look absolutely crazy to passers-by, your crazy partner will remind you that it doesn’t matter because those passers-by are complete strangers that you will never see again. Crazy people love playing the devil’s advocate, so if you are making a decision, make sure you run it by them. They will provide you with all the different perspectives you need to think about before making a decision.

Relationships are all about balance. Find someone who brings out a different side of you.