Psychological Tricks to Make Women Fall for You


Impressing a woman doesn’t have to feel like an impossible feat if you know to go about doing it. Try these tricks and see how differently they respond to you!

1. When you’re meeting her for the first time, you’ll want to plan a date that is full of excitement and will inevitably create long-lasting memories.

This could be taking her to a place outdoors that is so stunning it takes her breath away or such a romantic date that her heart skips a beat. These types of experiences are certainly going to create a euphoric feeling that will make scoring a second date much more likely.

2. Don’t be afraid to play the Casanova role at least once in a while around her.

You might feel a little awkward being mushy and romantic, but in her mind, this is what love (or at least passion) is like. She’ll see you as a flirtatious guy who doesn’t shy away from being sensitive like most men. Keep in mind that you may not want to do this all the time because she’ll come to expect it. Instead, you ought to keep these overly romantic gestures to being once in a while events.

3. As you are walking up to her for the initial meet up or any time after the fact, you don’t want to appear overly eager.

So, instead of hurrying to be by her side, take your time. Adopt a swagger about your walk that indicates that you’re confident and at ease. You can smile at someone as you walk by or even glance at your phone. This will let her know that she isn’t your primary focus yet. The key here is to make her think of this for a few moments, but when you do reach her, she understands that she has your attention now.

4. You’ll want to show off any skills that you may have in a modest way.

It doesn’t matter what your skill is (as long as it isn’t something gross like burping the alphabet or being able to spit the furthest), if it takes some talent, you willing to show it off. For example, if you are able to play an instrument, you can plan an impromptu bonfire with a group of other musically inclined friends. Here, you can jam out and show her how talented you are without making a big to-do about it.

5. Look at her eyes and lips once in a while when you are talking to each other.

When you are staring into her eyes, she’s getting the signal that you want to get to know her more, and you’re interested in what she’s saying, but also what she’s thinking. When you glance down at her lips while she speaks, that is just a clear sign that you’re aroused, and you might even be thinking about what it would be like to kiss them.

Impressing a woman isn’t as hard as some men make it out to be. With these five simple tips and a bit of confidence in yourself, you’ll be able to attract women much easier than ever before.