The Top Reasons Why Nerdy Guys Are Awesome


People discredit the unassuming charm that the nerdy guy possesses, but we’re here to bring you into the light and appreciate their awesomeness.

1. They love to hang out at home and relax.

Nerdy fellas aren’t too keen on going outside, which means they aren’t going to be going to the club. Instead, you can count on them to pop some popcorn while you search through On Demand to find the newest action flick.

2. They love doing “it.”

Nerdy men appreciate you and they appreciate any sexy time you have. Plus, since you know they tend to put their all into the things they love, you can be sure they go at it with a little extra gusto.

3. They are passionate about things and it is adorable seeing them chat on and on about it.

There’s nothing like sitting back and watching a man go on and on about something they are truly passionate about. These men may even try to teach you a few things so that you can enjoy their passions as well. Keep in mind, if they are passionate about creepy things like enslaving the world so they can be an evil overlord, you may want to change your number.

4. They have the best jokes.

Probably growing up, the nerds got picked on a lot, so they had to build up a thick skin and develop a sense of humor so that teasing didn’t bring them down. With this incredible sense of humor, you can be sure that when you’re feeling down or you need a laugh, they will be there with a joke or two to make you smile.

5. They aren’t superficial.

Whether you feel like lounging in your sweatpants or you don’t want to put on make-up, they don’t care. Heck, they’ll fall for you even harder if you’re wearing their Superman t-shirt with a pair of leggings. They will find you attractive no matter what.

6. When they clean up, they look great.

Brains and Beauty… How awesome is that?

7. They were hipsters before it was cool.

They have authentic nerdy glasses look down pat. How can you turn down a man who was trendy without even knowing it?

8. They are a fantastic teammate for trivia night.

There is nothing sexier than a man who can crush it at trivia night with your friends. Not only will your friends be in awe of his vast library of knowledge, but they can also appreciate his sense of humor, too!

9. They know how to fix things.

Maybe they spent a lot of their childhood breaking things and putting them back together, maybe they are just good at figuring things out… Whatever the case may be, you get to benefit from his handiness!

10. They are more sensitive.

Typically, nerds have had a rough childhood and because of that, they’ve learned how to be careful with someone’s feelings. This means whenever you’ve had a bad day for one reason or another, you can count on your nerdy man to wrap you in his arms and give you the best hug you’ve ever had.