Time to Explore Your Cancer Love Horoscope!


Knowing exactly how your star sign interacts in the world of love and how your personality fits into the dating realm can be a little difficult. Luckily for you, we have compiled all the information you could need when navigating you love horoscope and how your compatibility with other signs can help with finding dates. We will look at how your traits work well with other signs and which star sign is best and worse suited for you.

Would Cancer and Cancer work?

Being a water star sign you are a free-flowing but soft soul, and having someone around to match this and bring the same energy to a relationship is the best way to go into love. Cancer and Cancer compatibility is the top of the list and allows you for you to receive the same amount of loyalty and emotion that you give others, in return. So what is not to love? You can get back exactly what you are putting in and to avoid conflict in a relationship this is the best way to go.

Now to look at the Cancer horoscope we can see that Cancer and Cancer relationships can still have its bumps and this can be down to the sensitivity and insecurity found in this star sign. However, an understanding of this can go a long way and allow you to identify this as you see it in the relationship.

Your Cancer love chart is an integral part of working out who is most compatible with you and what you can do to make sure you both connect on a spiritual level. If you are looking to find out some more about your compatibility with others and understand what to expect in the world of love then click here.

Cancer zodiac compatibility

Now whilst the Cancer Cancer love can seem like the best choice when it comes to dating, you mustn’t forget to explore other options first. Cancer love compatibility is one of the easiest ones to come across thanks to the kind and sentimental nature of this water sign. And the weaknesses found in Cancers are common among many other signs as well. Weaknesses such as insecurity and suspicious instincts occur across almost all of the signs and also brings the purity of Cancers heart in touch with the feelings of the other zodiacs.

There are differing views on what sign is best suited for Cancers and we will go into this a bit more soon, but keep in mind what works best for you. If you need someone that matches your energy and emotions in a relationship then it might be worth sticking to the Cancer Cancer love. Or if you need someone to bounce off of and to challenge you a little bit then you need to look outside of your zodiac group. If you need some more help to decide if someone is right for you then follow this link for well-needed guidance on finding your match.

So what is Cancers best compatibility?

Now there are quite a few zodiac signs that match cancer’s romantic side. Some of the best signs for Cancer are Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces and Taurus. Pisces and Scorpio also occupy the water element and acts as the perfect partner to those also connected to water. The calmer and more gentle traits of these signs work beautifully with Cancers own personality and spirit. Taurus’s independence but kind nature also works well with the traits of a Cancer and allows for there to be some differences in both without making it an issue. Capricorn is definitely one for affection and like receiving it as much as they like to give it, and this works perfectly with Cancers emotional side. Libra is a level-headed sign which bods well with Cancers insecurity and suspicion. You always need someone to be level headed in an argument or deep conversation and this is exactly what a Libra partner can bring. Finally, Virgo’s witty sense of humour can really break the ice and allow for Cancers to really open up. Virgo’s also love loyalty and their love for a streamlined and organised life means that they are least likely to mess with the balance of a relationship.

With so many compatible options for Cancers, it can just come down to who you connect to first. Tapping into the emotional side of your love life will allow you to not only lead with the heart but also with the brain. These compatibilities are based around Cancer horoscope but you can find out even more information, which might help with this all important decision.

Who is Cancers worst match?

Leo, Sagittarius, Aries and Gemini are some of the worst matched signs to Cancer. Leo being a fire sign can really clash with Cancer is many bad and unfortunate ways. Both signs are a little bossy but their different approaches to this can create a lot of unwanted drama. Sagittarius is a free spirit but their straight forward talking and bubbly attitude can be quite wearing for a calm and docile Cancer. Whilst our Sagittarius friends are loyal and emotional they do not always work out as a romantic connection for us Cancers. Now Aries and Gemini are probably the worst matches for cancer. Both being of strong spirits they can sometimes come off a little more mean then they actually are. They are fierce and this is not something Cancer needs. Cancer is an emotional sign and likes to show their affection when they can. Aries and Gemini on the other hand like to keep their cards close to their chest and do not always reciprocate this emotion in the way Cancer would like.

Now, this isn’t to say that these signs wouldn’t make amazing friends, but when it comes to romance and building strong connections, Cancer should avoid them if they can.

In conclusion, when it comes to Cancers love horoscope and finding out with this gentle water sign, we suggest looking towards fellow water signs and some of the ones closer to earth. Fire signs can cause some unwanted conflict and the fierce attitudes of an Aries or Gemini can prove difficult and unruly in the long run. Do not be afraid to approach love, but do make sure that if you are a lover of the zodiac, your date should be someone who understands your need for a spiritual connection.

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