How to Have Fun on a Blind Double Date


When you go on a blind date with a friend, you have someone that you can lean on if you are finding it difficult trying to come up with stuff to talk about. Be that as it may, it also doesn’t mean that the date will go off without a hitch.

You are already going out with someone you’ve never met before so if you want to improve your chances of having a good evening, it’s going to require a bit of planning. With the help of your friend, you can maximize your success on the blind date.

Step 1 – Already assume you are going to have fun.

The key here is to go into it with the belief that you are going to have fun. Keep an open mind about the entire situation because even if you don’t feel a romantic connection with the person you’re on a date with, you could leave the evening with a new friend.

Step 2 – Plan a date that inspires conversation.

You can’t go wrong when you plan a date that inspires everyone to talk, share opinions, and discuss the topic. Ideas include a comedy show, a murder mystery theater, or maybe a competitive bowling game, or anything like that. You could meet at the venue and then go to a lounge or a bar afterward to chat about the activity. Of course, you could also plan a trip to a casino and see if you’re lucky with love and money.

Step 3 – Stay in familiar locations.

A blind date is the best time to venture out of tried and true date spots. This means although your date said heard that this new place is pretty awesome unless you tried it yourself, you may not want to go there. You never know if the atmosphere is something that you can enjoy. Instead, stick to the places that you know has a good vibe and has an atmosphere where everyone can enjoy.

Step 4 – Establish a decent time frame for the date.

You will want to talk to your friend about how long the date should go on. You can also talk to your friend and ask them at what point during the date should you take a moment and talk about how the date is going. For example, if the date starts at 7:30 pm, you can agree to meet up and evaluate the date around 10:30 to see if you both want to call it a night at midnight. If someone really has a good time and the other wants to leave, you should come to an agreement on how long to stay. It is rude if one person leaves before the other.

Step 5 – Turn off your cell phones.

As difficult as it may be to disconnect yourself from your smartphones, it would be the most considerate thing to turn off your phone — even if you were having a horrible time. Ultimately, you are there to meet someone new, find a possible love connection, and be a support system for your friend.