10 Signs That You’re Dating a Narcissist


We’ve all met a few people in our lifetimes where they are so full of themselves, it’s hard to know if they are serious or if they are just over exaggerating their self-worth.

Sure, we all have our instances where we get wrapped up on our own personal dramas, but there comes a certain point where we get over ourselves and move on. Narcissists don’t. If you think that you may be dating a narcissist, there are plenty of signs that point to the affirmative.

Sign #1: They only want to talk about themselves.

Narcissists are known for only talking about themselves—they are their favorite topic of conversation!

Anything that happens to them, be it something big or something small, they will make it a much bigger deal than it should be. Not only that, if they don’t agree with something or they cannot associate themselves, they’ll quickly sweep the topic aside for more favorable topics.

Sign #2: They aren’t sorry… Ever.

Narcissists usually spend all of their time being self-involved. They don’t really care if you make an accusation toward them—regardless if it is a valid complaint or not. They simply don’t care about anyone’s feelings ever. If the person you’re dating has that mentality that they just don’t care they are going to do whatever they want, then yes, they are a narcissist—and maybe a jerk, too.

Sign #3: They turn everything around on you.

Whatever you do, they can turn it around on you and make you out as the bad guy. Let’s say you come home from work and are exhausted. Out of the blue, they flip the script and make it seem like you are the one with the bad attitude after everything that they do for you. The sad part is, they actually believe this mumbo-jumbo.

Sign #4: It’s always your fault something goes wrong.

Whether you read the map wrong, you didn’t remember where the car was parked, or you let the steak cook too long, if things go wrong, you are going to be blamed. After a while of being accused of causing the strife in his life, you may actually start believing it.

Sign #5: You don’t feel like they know you, regardless of how long you’ve been together.

How can someone truly get to know you if everything is always about them and their needs? Simply put, they can’t. They spend the majority of the relationship listening to themselves and their inner dialogues and not paying attention to what it is that you’re saying. You know all that quality time you think you spend together? He’s more focused on what he is saying or how to topics pertain to him, rather than your contribution to the conversation.

Sign #6: He knows everything about everything.

He probably won’t listen to you but if you try to correct him or give him your opinion about something, you can believe that he will correct you or insist that you are wrong. Narcissists are quick to say that you don’t listen to them when they are talking and you don’t know what you’re talking about—even if they are the ones who are clueless.

Sign #7: YOU get annoyed more than usual.

Usually, you are a calm person who doesn’t get annoyed very easily; however, when it comes to the person you’re dating, you find that there is always something about them that leaves you feeling aggravated and on edge. You don’t even have to be fighting with one another and you’re still left feeling some type of way.

Sign #8: They put off an exaggerated version of themselves.

Narcissists love to make others believe that they are the best and this often requires them presenting a falsified version of themselves. Instead of being genuine, they will exaggerate aspects of their life to seem more appealing—their finances, their sexual history, their affiliations, what items they have—there is no limit.

Sign #9: They are devious.

Narcissists aren’t generally good people. They generally will do things that aren’t openly rotten, but they still aren’t the best. For example, they will skimp out on tipping the waitress when you go out to eat, they’ll cut in line, they may even refuse to give up a seat on the subway for a pregnant woman. While they don’t openly break the rules, they don’t necessarily follow them either.

Sign #10: They can be incredibly charming.

Narcissists know how to win someone over. Their words are like honey as they pour from their lips. The seductively sweet charms of a narcissist know no bounds—otherwise, you wouldn’t be dating them.