Active Dates All Fit Women Should Try

couple in green montains

If you are a fitness oriented person, you’re probably going to want someone who is equally as passionate about their health as you are.

We’ve got four date ideas that will help you determine if the person your dating has the same active lifestyle as you and can keep up.

Trampoline Date

Visiting a trampoline park for your date is a fantastic way to let lose, laugh, and have fun—not to mention get your lymphatic juices flowing through your body.

The lymphatic system is an intricate system of vessels, ducts, and capillaries that works in unison with the circulatory system to get all the extra fluid and dead blood cells from your tissues. This system is kept in motion, thanks to muscle contractions. When you’re bouncing around on the trampoline, it is one of the best ways to get it going.

In less boring terms, bouncing, jumping, and the dizzying heights will keep the date exciting and fun. If you don’t want to be bombarded with excitable kids, you may want to go on off-peak hours.

Trapeze Class

At many facilities that specialize in these sorts of classes, you can sign up for 90 minute sessions that advances you from simple swinging to spinning around the bar with your hands and the backs of your knees. Some classes may even progress so that you are leaping from trapeze to trapeze. Just like with trampolining, your adrenaline will be flowing freely because you’re high above the ground doing some incredible feats. This is a great date that will get the endorphins flowing and help create a bond between you two.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing gyms are designed to accommodate all skill levels, so you don’t have to be an expert rock climber to enjoy this date. When you get outside of your comfort zone and try this activity, you can work as a team to figure out a way to the top of the huge rock. It’s a great way to see if you two can work as a team as you try to go from handhold to handhold without falling. Not only does this take upper body strength of the climber, but for the person (your date) who is spotting you from below. Also, perhaps the best part is when you finally reach the top, you get to rappel down.


Parkour is a gymnastic type activity where you run around leaping off of objects, scale obstacles, run up straight walls, and even attempt to do some diving tuck rolls. Think of the video game Mirror’s Edge or the hit television competition program, American Ninja Warrior. This particular date is a great way to create a friendly competition between you and your date. You can create a challenge to see who gets the best time. The person with the slowest time has to buy the other an ice cream.