Sex on the First Date: What you Need to Know


Nobody likes first dates, and here’s why. They’re awkward, and usually involve both people wondering, “Are we going to have sex later?” Everyone has their own views on first date sex. Whilst some people have no qualms about jumping into bed at the end of a date, others believe you should wait longer than a few hours to sleep with someone. Sex on the first date has become a controversial subject, leaving most of us wondering what the right move is. If you’ll soon be heading out on a date with someone you really like and you’re not sure about having sex on first date, read on.

Is 1st date sex a good idea?

Having sex on the first date is always going to come down to what both people want. Many people think that if the vibe is right and no-one’s going to get hurt, then why not? Surely two consenting adults can enjoy a bit of fun at the end of the night. On the other hand, others are strictly against sleeping with someone you just met. A popular view is that people should wait until the third date to get jiggy, or until their partner has spent at least $1000 on them (for girls, we presume!).

First date sex – the benefits


There are many reasons why 1st date sex could be a good move. Not only is it a lot of fun, but it can also help you to find out if you’re compatible sexually. At the end of the day, you can get on with someone like a house on fire, but if you’re not connecting in the sack, it’s unlikely that your budding relationship will go the distance. Sex is a hugely important part of any relationship, and so it’s best to know from the start if there’s sexual chemistry between you. First date sex can help you to really get to know someone. When you leave the bar, you can ditch your weird, first-date selves and finally relax! You’ll both let your guard down, giving you a glimpse into what the other person is really like. This can give you an insight into whether this is someone you really want to have a relationship with. Another reason why the first date sex is the best is that attraction has an expiration date (even if many people don’t like to admit it!). Your attraction to the other person will begin to lessen over time, which is why it’s important to enjoy sex with each other early on when you’re both unable to resist each other. There’s something about first night sex which is totally electrifying, so why miss out on it? If you’re both happy to sleep with each other at this stage, make the most of it!

Can sex on 1st date ruin a potential relationship?

If you’re serious about finding ‘the one’, you may be hesitant about having sex on the first night. It’s often said that sleeping with someone too soon can ruin any chance of a relationship with them, so it’s no surprise that you’re feeling cautious. The truth is, this idea is a little archaic. It’s very unlikely that having sex with someone on the first date will ruin your chances with that person. Well, unless you were disrespectful toward them. In which case, you deserve them anyway! Many couples sleep together quickly and go on to have very happy relationships. Plus, if someone decides that they’re not interested in you anymore having sex, it probably wasn’t ever going to turn into a serious relationship anyway. If the first date sex happens, it happens. There’s no need to feel guilty about doing something that you both wanted. A recent 2016 study revealed that as many as a quarter of singles have turned one-night-stands into serious relationships.

First night sex can make dating easier

There’s an argument to suggest that rather than ruining any chance of a relationship, sex on the first night can actually make dating someone easier. Once you get down and dirty with someone and you’ve seen them naked, you’re past that awkward first date stage. You’ve bonded to a certain extent, and this means that subsequent dates will be less stressful for you both. After you’ve already been intimate, you’ll be less likely to beat around the bush if you want to see them again. You may well find it easier to arrange a date after sex.

How to make sure your first date hookup goes the distance


If you want to improve your chances of turning your hookup into a long-term relationship, it’s important not to let sex mess with your mind. The days after a first date can be stressful enough, especially if you’re wondering if they’ll call and whether they’ll want to go out again. So if you add sex to the equation, you might find that you become even more anxious. Relax and try not to replay your hookup in your head a thousand times wondering if they enjoyed it and if you did everything right! Impatience and insecurity aren’t attractive qualities, so do your best to play it cool. If you’re serious about turning a one-night stand into a relationship, it’s important to get to know each other before the date. You can do this easily these days thanks to advances in technology. Message them online or via text messages for a while before going on a date. This can make sex feel more like a natural progression. You should also make sure you have a connection with each other outside of the bedroom. Sparks between the sheets is fantastic, but it’ll take more to sustain a relationship.

What do girls think about sex on the first date

Although it’s true that some women disagree with first night sex, it’s also true that millions of them are doing it. It’s 2018, which is over 40 years since the sexual revolution began, and girls are very much in the driving seat when it comes to enjoying sex. Many women say that they want to be in control when it comes to deciding whether to have sex on a first date, becoming hesitant to do so if a guy is really pushing for it. So, if you’re dating a girl and you want to hook up, it might be worth letting her decide what happens at the end of the night. Being too obvious about your intentions might simply put her off.

How to sleep with a girl on the first date


Almost all guys want to sleep with a girl on the first date, however, few just don’t know how to go about closing the deal. It can certainly be tricky, especially for guys who are shy or who aren’t used to dating much. The idea of asking a woman to sleep with you on the first date is probably bringing you out in a cold sweat just thinking about it. However, if you use the right approach, you may not even need to ask. With the right body language and demeanour, she may take control and lead you to the bedroom without being asked. A good idea if you want to seduce a girl on the first date is to touch her softly and subtly throughout the night. This will show her that you want her but without being too full-on. You should also try to maintain total confidence. Women don’t want to sleep with guys who aren’t confident in themselves, so this really is essential. Another top tip to help you sleep with a girl on the first date is to be direct about your sexual interest in her, rather than being aloof or playing hard to get, say something like “You’re gorgeous, I like you”. This will make her feel great about herself and she’ll feel like she doesn’t have to try too hard. She can relax and be herself, which is more likely to lead to first date sex.

First date sex tips

Once you’ve both decided that you’re going to sleep on first date, you’ll want to ensure that the sex is enjoyable for you both. Having sex with someone new can be daunting, but it’s important to relax. If you’re feeling uptight, it’s just not going to work, and it might be best to save this event for another time. If you think the date might lead to sex, try and work off some nervous energy at the gym beforehand. Don’t be tempted to drink too much to give you confidence, as this could be a recipe for disaster. Another top tip for first date sex is to spend some time making out. It can be difficult not to rush the pre-sex kissing session, either because you’re anxious or just majorly horny. However, it’s important to slow things down if you want to make the sex really hot. Above all, don’t forget to bring protection on your date. Don’t simply rely on your partner to bring them along.

In this day and age, more and more people recognize that having sex is an important element of a relationship, rather than something they should be ashamed of. That’s why so many are choosing to establish sexual chemistry as early on as possible, rather than waiting weeks and months to find out if they’re compatible between the sheets. For these people, having first date sex may be the correct move for them. For some people, getting intimate with someone they’ve only known for the time it took to have dinner at Nando’s and watch a movie isn’t their thing, and that’s totally fine too. Some may prefer to have sex on the second date, whereas others may want to wait months or even until they’re hitched to do the deed. The point is, dating rules are a bit antiquated these days, and so it’s perfectly OK to make up your own. At the end of the day, if the chemistry is there, you’ve nothing to lose by getting down and dirty on the first date.