5 of the Best Places to Meet Great Men


There are so many times that we can go to a bar, night club, or lounge searching for a good man and only come up empty handed. It can be tiring, a waste of time, and maybe even leave you feeling defeated — especially when your friends seem to be scooping up and dating really good guys.

Feels you’re your pain and we’ve polled our users where they’ve found great men… Besides online of course.

  1. In Class

A really great place to meet some good quality men is at your local college or YMCA, especially if it a life enrichment class. If you think about it, anyone who is taking a life enrichment class is clearly looking for ways to make their lives better, whether they are enrolled in a cooking class, yoga class, language class, or just a personal finance class. One thing you’ll know right off the bat is that they are curious and have a thirst for knowledge; two great qualities for a prospective partner.

  1. Volunteering in the Community

Need we say anymore? When you pledge to donate your time for a good cause, you can be sure there are going to be eligible bachelors who are doing the same. If you are giving up your valuable time to help others in need, then it shows that you are selfless and have a good heart, which the same could be said about the guy dishing out the soup or sorting through the bags of clothes at the local church.

  1. Host A Potluck

Potluck dinner parties are an excellent place to meet single men. How? Ask your friends to bring their favorite single guy and see what happens. Just be sure to tell your friends that you aren’t hoping to find your husband, but you just want to see if there is any kind of chemistry there. A potluck is a great way to get to know these people and see what kind of guy they are because the atmosphere is laid-back and there isn’t loud music or a bunch of people milling about like there would be in a bar.

  1. Hardware Store

Okay, so this may be a little cliché, but it works. If you have a DIY project that you’ve been meaning to tackle, you can head over to your hardware store and ask that cute guy in flooring what adhesive works best for linoleum flooring. The employees are generally really friendly and they’ll be willing to help you find the best product to suit your budget. If you don’t see any employees that you’re interested in, simply ask the customer in lightening which is the best fixture for the porch of a Colonial home. This will open the conversation and who knows where it could lead.

  1. Coffee Shop

Everyone loves coffee, there’s no denying that. You can scope out what his interests are by the book or newspaper he’s reading and maybe even share a scone or two while you discuss current events. If you frequent the same shop, you may get to know the regulars and maybe find one that you’d like to see—outside of the shop.