When You’re Cocky and Funny and It Works Too Well

couple in a restaurant

What happens when you’ve gone through life bending to the will of every woman you are attracted to?

You give them your time, your attention, affection, and anything else they could possibly want. In your mind, you think that any woman would be lucky to have you and do whatever they could to keep you near. However, what do you do when that isn’t the case and you find yourself being dumped and your chick is chasing after some macho man who treats her like crap?

Instead of becoming bitter and walk around with a chip on your shoulder, you start reading up on how to be the type of woman that leaves their sissy boyfriends for (read: how to be the man she dumps you for).

Through your research, you probably learned that you have to be the one that challenges her. You may have discovered that you shouldn’t be so free with your compliments; you don’t offer to buy her drinks and you never get her flowers; you won’t pay for the entire dinner, you split the bill; you won’t call her back or even call her every day; your social life is always jam packed with things to do; and you are always calm and cool around a woman.

Want to know why women will drop a nice guy for a man who is more of a jerk? Because women are skeptical about a nice guy. They freak them out. Women feel like they can walk all over a nice guy and there is no challenge there.

We’ve heard stories about men who have employed a technique where they act like they are the bees knees and when a woman approaches them, they keep her at a distance and use a bit of sarcastic humor to string her along.

Some women are so drawn to the jerk persona (because let’s face it, when you are overly confident and you confuse confidence for cockiness, you are a jerk) because it makes them work for your attention.

Let’s say for example a woman approaches a guy she’s attracted to and she knows she’s gorgeous. She’ll ask him if he thinks she’s attractive and he answers that she’s just okay, he isn’t giving her the attention see needs (otherwise she wouldn’t be fishing for compliments). So, in order to get that attention, she will do whatever she has to, to get it — even if that means being overly flirtatious or provocative.

Some men who have employed this cocky persona have revealed that it may have worked too well for them. Now, they complain that after using this technique on a woman that they were really into, she has started showing a strong interest in him. Women are so drawn to men who present a challenge, they will make it their primary focus to be with that man.

If you’re in a situation where a woman is coming on too strong after applying the cocky and funny technique, simply put her in her place by telling her that you are flattered by the attention but you aren’t looking for anything serious at the moment. If she doesn’t back off, then you need to cut her lose and rethink your stance on being too much of a jerk.