How to Date a Millionaire

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Millionaires are people too, but the fact is: they have responsibilities you won’t find with your everyday salary man, and with money comes certain expectations. To date a millionaire – not as a gold digger but as a real partner – you have to add something to their life.

For it to become love, you have to catch their eye like none of the other eligible fancies around them have. Here’s how:

1. Don’t Make it All About Their Money

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Millionaires have family asking for loans, friends constantly expressing jealousy, and strangers whose eyes light up at the mention of dollar bills. Don’t be that person. When you find out how much they make, congratulate them on their success, ask about their career, but then sharply steer the conversation in another direction. If you already know about their money, let them bring it up. Until they do, find a different topic – one that regards them as a person. This will make you stand out as someone who truly cares about their character and doesn’t just see them as a cash cow.

2. Brush Up on Your Manners


Millionaires are average Joes too, but they hang out in different crowds. They didn’t make their fortune closing deals at Burger King. Accordingly, they’re used to a certain degree of class, respect, and social professionalism. So brush up on your manners, such as how you hold your fork and knife, your posture, how limited your swearing is, and the way you greet others. Not only will this impress them, but it proves they can invite you to meet the rest of their crowd without fear of embarrassment.

3. Don’t Go All Country-Mouse

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If you get invited onto a private jet, le duh, you’re going to be flabbergasted. That’s fair – and will even make your millionaire feel excited to share the new experience with you. Express how unique and fun these new luxuries money provides are. However, if you rant on and on about how fine the silverware is at every restaurant, or can’t stop asking how much everything costs, or go wide-eyed and dumb at the high class parties, it’ll stop being cute and start being embarrassing. Instead, be surprised, but take this as a chance to learn how a millionaire lives, and then adapt.

4. Be You, but Class Up

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The most important thing in any relationship – even with a millionaire – is being you. You don’t want to be seven years into the marriage and miserable. They should pick you because they like you. But, again, millionaires are used to a certain status. It’s alright to wear your sweatpants during those cozy nights at home, but class up to a level you’re comfortable with so that you compliment their world well. Wear makeup if you’re going to meet their friends, even if you don’t normally. Put on your best clothes if you’re going on a lovely picnic, even if it’s just the two of you. If they’re making an effort to look their best for you, then return the favor. You’ll not only look your best to them and others, but you’ll feel like you belong in that elevated society.

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