Dating Expectations Differences Between Type A and Type B Personalities

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If you follow the theories behind Type A people and Type B people, then you might want to read this so you know what you’re getting into when dating either. Here is a generalized breakdown of each personality type and what to expect when dating them.

Type A Personality

When you date someone who is Type A, you’re dating someone with a lot of energy and stress. Keep these points in mind when dating a Type A person:

1. They are more ambitious than Type B people. Type A people will put a lot of energy into their work, sometimes leaving no energy for your relationship. If this doesn’t bother you so much, then great. However, if you can’t handle coming in second place to the office, then you should have a talk about what you want before you get serious.

2. They are organized. Type A people need to have everything run smoothly and efficiently. They aren’t necessarily compulsive, but you will discover they like order over chaos.

3. They care more about what others think. This might be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how you want people to see you. If you don’t care, then great, but a Type A person might. You might find that you’ll have to compromise on a few things, like how they deal with people or how they try to impress their views on you.

4. They tend to be impatient. This doesn’t mean you’ll always have to have a level head, but it does mean that your partner will make decisions pretty quickly. This could be problematic if you’re not too keen on planning or being on time.

5. They can be anxious or aggressive. Doctors tend to be concerned about people with a Type A personality because they tend to expose themselves to unnecessary stress, which could cause problems with your health.

Type B Personality

1. They don’t get stressed by not achieving much. It sounds like a good deal, but there are some moments when someone has to be more motivated to achieve something in their lives. If you want a Type B person, you have to be ready to deal with.

2. When it comes to competition, they enjoy it, regardless if they win or not. Competition should always be in good fun and backing away from a fight is optimal. However, when it comes to a relationship, people will benefit more from talking to their partner about existing problems. Sometimes they don’t really stand up for their opinions and just follow their partner’s lead.

3. They explore new ideas and choose creative pursuits. This is common with both types of personalities, but Type B people will require a bit more patience than Type A. This doesn’t mean that they are going to have problems at work, but you would do well to understand your partner’s career goals and passions.

4. They can be reflective. Type B people contemplate things, while Type A people will push for an answer. People in a relationship with a Type B person will have to give them some space, but not every problem in a relationship should be dealt with on such a relaxed time frame.

5. They don’t talk much. People with a Type B personality aren’t talkative, and that could be a little annoying. However, this is problematic because sometimes you’ll feel like you’re pulling teeth just to get them to engage in the conversation.
Both personality types have different relationship requirements, but you’ll discover that with patience, they both can be fulfilling.