Top Tips for Meeting Your Partner’s Parents


Meeting your partner’s parents for the first time can be extremely nerve-wracking and it can be difficult to know how to interact appropriately. Just because your parents are chill with certain things that doesn’t mean their’s will be. You love your significant other and want to make life as easy for them as possible, so making a good impression on their parents is a much. We have collected a few tips to ensure you keep your cool and ensure that your partner’s parents have the best view of you.

Collect Intel Beforehand

You don’t have to become a spy, but learning as much as you can about their parents will undoubtedly help you when it comes to meeting them. Whether their father supports the rival football team to you or any topics that may cause controversy. Knowing small details about your partner’s parents will ensure that the event runs smoothly and you’ll make a good first impression. Furthermore, it gives you some conversational ammunition that will keep the communication going and will make you appear engaged about their lives. Meeting his/her parents for the first time is bound to be stressful and the more knowledge you equip yourself with the better the outcome of the event.

In addition, asking about your partner’s family shows you’re ready to make the step to meeting them and are interested in his/her life. Ask questions and try to store the information; whether it’s favorite wine to bring when you go to see them or their interests and hobbies as these tidbits of information can help you make the best impression possible.

Dress Appropriately


If you wouldn’t dress that way for the church or a work interview than it isn’t an appropriate outfit for meeting your partner’s parents. The first thing your boyfriend’s/girlfriend’s parents are going to notice about you is your outward appearance and if you look dirty, run-down or wear something low-cut or short they’re going to notice. Instantly they’re going to make assumptions about who you’re as a person. Bearing this in mind it is always better to go with something classic and elegant so that your personality can shine through instead of what you’re wearing.

Keep Conversation Neutral & Light

Meeting your boyfriend’s/girlfriend’s parents for the first time is going to be scary, but the best way to get through it is by keeping the conversation polite. Tonight isn’t about indulging every thought in your mind or discussing deep topics with someone new; when you meet their parents you need to be mindful of them. By keeping conversation light by sticking to topics such as work, hobbies, studies and other similar topics you’re less likely to cause tension. You don’t want to offend your significant other’s parents just because you have a slightly different opinion or chose the wrong topic of the conversation. This means any stories you have, have to be toned down for your audience as anything that can be considered hedonistic and rude is going to affect their opinion of you.

Be Polite


There are a lot of factors that encompass this overall ideal when meeting your partner’s parents for the first time and anytime after that. Ensuring that you put your best foot forward on all occasions will guarantee that you make a memorable and fantastic first impression.

Turn Off Your Phone

If you’re the kind of person who can’t not look at their phone after five minutes then turn it off. Even if you’re not engaged fully in the conversation at the time it can appear incredibly rude if you keep checking your phone. This is because it seems as though you’re bored and you’re waiting for the time when you get to leave. Be attentive and turn away from the technology, so that you can have an incredible first meeting with your significant other’s parents.

Engage in Conversation

The evening isn’t going to be solely about you and naturally, you’ll be taking a backseat during most of the conversation, however when you’re spoken to try to engage as much as possible with the conversation. Ask them relevant questions and give full responses to show that you’re interested in them and respect them enough to give a full and honest answer.

No Excessive Drinking

The occasion when you meet the parents of your significant other may have alcohol involved, but that doesn’t mean you should make a fool out of yourself. Excessive drinking in front of his/her parents is bad for two reasons, the first is that you can say things that you normally wouldn’t have and excessive drinking is looked down on. It is best to keep the drinking down to a bare minimum, so you had your wits about you.

Be Helpful

The best way to make a good first impression is to ask if his/her parents need any help around the house. Just offering to help clean up can increase their parents view on you massively and is the perfect end to a first meeting.

Thank Them

This one may seem obvious, but ensuring that you thank their parents for their hospitality is another perfect way to hammer home that good impression. You’ll appear courteous, genuine and civilized to their parents; that is never a bad thing. Furthermore, it is the decent thing to do even if the night goes terribly.

Always remember that you’re in their arena; whether it’s their house, a restaurant, a bar or any other location you’re the one on the show and you’re the one who needs to put in the effort. Knowing what to say to your partner’s parents and getting them to like you can be tricky, but as long as you stay polite and demure throughout the occasion you’re sure to make a lasting impression. Getting your significant other’s parents on the side will make your dating life that much simpler.