Getting Past the Rejection of Online Dating to Finally Get A Husband

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One evening, after doing a lot of soul-searching, you may have come to the realization that the relationship you are in isn’t as fulfilling as it once was. You find yourself ending the relationship and as a result, you realize that you are much more miserable than before and although you want to start dating again, that constant fear of rejection makes it hard to do so.

If you’re like many people, you may have dabbled in online dating before and didn’t pay it much mind.

Sure, you may have met a lot of nice people with whom you’ve remained friends with, but you have it in your head that online dating is just a display case for your appearance rather than an actual account of your personality and what you’re like on the inside.

What people fail to realize is that rejection is everywhere. It has as much of a presence in your everyday life as it does online. Those who are under the impression that they are ready to dive back into dating quickly after being in a relationship tend not to realize that by rushing into dating can be more harmful than helpful. In fact, many experts would suggest that you simply do not rush into it.

Think about it, online dating is designed to allow you to search through many profiles of eligible singles as quickly as possible. We are unaware that the more time that passes that we do not get any sort of messages from interested people, that is a rejection. Sure, it isn’t as blatant as someone saying that they aren’t interested in you, but it is like a silent rejection.

When you come to the conclusion that you are ready to date again, it will help if you think of it like a pair of scales. On the one side of the scale, you will find the fear of rejection, and on the other, you’ll find the desire and hope of meeting someone special. When the fear of rejection outweighs the hope and desire to meet someone new, you shouldn’t even attempt dating again.

These process can be much more of a challenge for those of a particular age. You may be under the belief that you should already be married, with children, and living happily ever after. In truth, there is no timeline for happiness that we should follow — it will happen when it happens. You may be under the impression that no one will want you because you may be unemployed, or overweight, or experiencing financial difficulties. If you truly feel this way, perhaps you should be focusing on getting your life back in order.

You’ve already taken the time and have done some soul searching that led you to discover your previous relationship wasn’t working. So why wouldn’t you want to do some soul searching to discover ways to get your life back on track in a position that will make you feel more confident in meeting someone?

Perhaps, if a husband is what you really want, go into online dating without expectations and just enjoy the journey.