10 Indicators That Your Co-Worker May Like You


Though most workplaces frown upon office romances, it still happens. If you think that guy in the next cubicle likes you, here are 10 things to look for.

Сoworker Flirting Signs

1. They chat with you more than anyone else.
If you’ve noticed that a co-worker talks to you more than anyone else in the office, chances are they fancy you, that’s why it’s the first sign of flirting at work. People are going to spend more time with people that they like, so don’t think they are just being polite!

2. They’ve changed their hours to match yours.
Before, you may have only worked together once or twice a week, but if you notice you’re working together a lot more, then they may have asked for their hours changed. Sure, they aren’t going to explicitly say, “I asked to have my hours changed to match yours,” but you know what really happened.

3. They come to you and ask simple stupid questions.
If you notice that they’re coming to you to ask you stupid questions when you know they know the answer, they have come down with a sudden case of amnesia! They are just trying to think of reasons to come over and talk to you! That is the third sign of coworker flirting.

4. They are always looking at you during group meetings.
Whenever you have group meetings, they are either sitting across from you and you catch them looking at you from time to time. If you notice this, then maybe they are trying to make sure you notice them.

5. They are more talkative and outgoing when you’re around.
When people are around those that they have a crush on will do whatever they can to seem more attractive to another person. If you notice that someone’s mood perks up when you’re around, or they are a bit more chatty toward you than they are to other people, so it’s easy to tell that a co-worker is flirting with you.

6. Their body language tells you they do.
Body language is a dead giveaway that someone is into you. If you notice that they turn their bodies toward you whenever they talk or that they lean closer to you, then they are strong indicators that they like you.

7. They hold eye contact.
Making eye contact with someone that you are talking to is a good thing to do, but when their gaze lingers a little longer or more intense than they conversation warrants, then it’s safe to say they are trying to make a connection with you on some level. That is the obvious workplace flirting sign.

8. They think about you by bringing coffee or do nice things for you.
If they bring you coffee in the morning or if they lend you a helping hand with some of your tasks for the day, but they don’t do that for anyone else, then you can safely assume there is something there.

9. They chat about things other than work.
When you’re having a conversation with someone and it often isn’t about work-related things, it may be just friendly chit-chat. However, when they talk to you about their personal life, then maybe they are hoping you will let them into your life.

10. They have a nickname for you.
Friends will have nicknames for each other, but if the person at the office has a sweet nickname for you and only you, then there’s no more second-guessing, a coworker likes you.