Top 10 Reasons You May Want to Date a Doctor


1. If you have any kind of ailment, he will be able to help you out.
While we don’t recommend trading in your primary care physician for the doctor that you’ll be dating, their medical knowledge will come in handy. For example, if you get bitten by a bug, he can give you some kind of advice on how to treat it. If you aren’t feeling well, they can tell you what may be wrong and how to treat it.

2. They are incredibly smart.
Let’s just put that out there, you’ve got to be pretty intelligent if you can make it through years of college and med school. Not everyone is cut out for such heavy study loads and rigorous courses.

3. They won’t smother you or be too clingy.
By nature, doctors are practical people who aren’t always known for being overly affectionate. You can trust that your relationship will be more mature and substantial so that you won’t need to rely on mushy nicknames and wear his and her shoes.

4. You can’t gross them out. Doctors have seen it all.
They’ve dealt with gross infections, blood, and other bodily functions, so you can bet that your ingrown toenail isn’t going to turn their stomachs.

5. They’ve always got interesting stories.
Doctors who work in the ER generally have some interesting stories to share when they get home. While they cannot give out details of the patients, you shouldn’t be surprised when they tell you about the emergency delivery that resulted in a pair of conjoined twins.

6. They aren’t afraid of commitment.
Think about it, if a doctor didn’t want to be burdened by commitment, they wouldn’t have gone through the years of schooling, studying, training, and practicing to become the doctors they are today. So if you mention taking the relationship to the next level, hide your amazement when they don’t balk at the subject.

7. Unplanned date nights keep the relationship exciting and fresh.
A doctor’s schedule is far from regular, so there are going to be times when you have to come up with a date on the fly. These nights are perfect to order takeout, watch Netflix and… Chill.

8. They understand how precious life really is.
Doctors often hold people’s lives in their hands and they can appreciate how fragile it is a little better than the rest of us. He will be able to tell you that the anxiety you feel about a traffic ticket is nothing in the grand scheme of things.

9. They’re dependable and strong.
When you need them most, you can always depend on your doctor to be there with the right thing to say. If you don’t want or need advice, but just want someone to listen to you, they can do that too.

10. They’re financially stable.
We don’t like to focus on the financial perks of dating a doctor (we know they make bank), but it is nice to know that your date will be able to take care of themselves when push comes to shove.

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