Benefits and Tips for Dating a Single Mom


It is undeniable that single parents have an incredibly rough – and rewarding – job raising their children by themselves and as they care deeply for their offspring they don’t want to bring just anyone into their family life. Of the 11 million families in the US that have one parent most of these families rely on a single mother. Around 68% (8.5 million) families only have their mother, meaning there are a lot of single mothers dating in comparison to single fathers. Therefore, it is prudent to be aware that you could potentially start dating a single mom. We have compiled a list of expert tips for dating a single mom to help you become more understanding and successful with the lovely single mother you’re dating.

What Should You Know About Dating a Single Mom

Dating a single parent is going to be unlike any other dating experience you’ve ever had, and you need to be aware of certain things before you even think about dating a single mother. There is more than two people in this relationship and you have always got to be careful as you don’t want to hurt your potential partner’s kids because you weren’t ready for that kind of relationship. When you’re dating single moms, you must be:

Flexible. Dating a woman with kids means you’re not going to be her top priority and you can’t become upset because she had to bail or reschedule a date. If you’re willing to let your own go of your pride and become more flexible in your dating approach, you’ll find minimal obstacles while dating a single mother.

Let Her Take the Lead with the Kids. Sometimes the prospect of meeting your significant other’s kids can be exciting; you’re consumed by the ideas of fun days out and meaningful bonding sessions, however, you must let her make these decisions. You’re an outsider in her family and she’ll protect her kids no matter what. It isn’t a reflection of your character if you don’t meet her children for a while; she is just ensuring that you’re the right fit for her family.

Reasons to Date a Single Mom

Although there are a lot of aspects to consider when dating a single mother there are a lot of things you can benefit from within the parameters of a relationship. A relationship with a single mom can help you become more responsible and help you realize what you’re seeking in life. Furthermore, a single mother tends to be more:

Practical. A single mother isn’t going to want to continuously be treated like a princess and have your attention 24/7 as she has her own busy life to be getting on with. This means she is more likely to let petty things go and take a very practical approach to your relationship which can help it succeed.

Knowing Within a Relationship. Single mothers tend to have a better idea of what they’re looking for in a relationship and how to make it work as they need to have that clarity. They don’t want to constantly be introducing new partners to their children and are more likely to be cautious, yet this makes them more effective at finding a stable partner.

If you fit into these categories you’ll find that dating a single mother is one of the best things you have ever done.

Tips for Dating a Single Mom

So, if you’ve gotten to the point when you’re starting to date a single mom and are beginning to become more integrated into her home life then there are some things you need to consider when dating a single mother at that point. Our single mom dating rules can help you to ensure that your relationship – with both her and her children – is stable enough to stand the test of time.

Steer Clear of Ex-Drama

One of the most important single mom dating tips to remember is to stay out of any ex-drama. It doesn’t matter how much she seems to despise the man or what she says about him you need to stay out of it; for the kids and for her. You’re a foreign entity in this family and anything you say about the father of her children will seem bitter and childish. Her ex doesn’t concern you and if you care about the woman you’re dating you’ll want to focus on creating a life with her and her children.

Integrate Naturally with Her Kids

You shouldn’t try to force your presence on her children; if they don’t want to play with you, don’t feel like talking or are acting up you need to take a backseat in these situations. It can be confusing to children – especially younger kids – when their parent starts seeing somebody who isn’t their father, and, in their minds, they can see you as the enemy. By taking the time to slowly integrate into family life you’ll feel like less of an intruder and more of a natural addition to their family.

There are many more tips that can help you integrate within your significant other’s family but if you remain cautious and conscious of both your partner’s and her children’s perspectives you’ll be able to date a single mother successfully.

Dating a single mother is an arduous journey, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its benefits. By remaining careful and considerate you can become a part of a wholesome family unit that comes to depend on you as well as the mother. If you truly care for the woman you’re dating, then you’ll be careful around her children and try to provide the best atmosphere for them to grow up in. You can gain so much from dating a single mother if you try your best to be as responsible as possible.

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