Steps to Getting a Girlfriend

couple in sunglasses

Do you need some help with how to get a girlfriend? Then you’ve come to the right place!

First of all, getting a girlfriend is about being honest. You are looking, not for someone whom you feel a little bit attracted to, but someone whom you have a genuine connection with. To find that person, you have to be who you are 100%, otherwise you won’t attract the right person.

If you put on attitudes, you hide as you feel shy, you try to be a certain way, all you’ll attract is someone who is more drawn to your mannerisms, than your true self.

The most attractive thing you can do is actually to live your life exactly as you’d like to live it. Happiness is the most attractive thing there is and with happiness comes confidence. Not confidence that you’re better than anyone else, because you’re not, but confidence that you are happy being who you are. Women are drawn to happiness and genuine confidence like flies to honey.

So start living – put those excuses about why you aren’t living your dreams and start moving towards them. Women aren’t searching for men who have perfect lives, but rather those who strive to do what they love, being who they are.

Part of happiness is about looking after yourself and your body. Those excuses about not exercising, or eating healthily? It’s time to throw those in the bin and start looking after yourself. If you aren’t looking after yourself, why would you expect a woman to do so?

Beyond going for your dreams and striving to be yourself, thereby learning to accept yourself and be happy as you know you’re doing your best, you also need to learn people skills. Many people put down pick-up artists as they believe they lure women into liking them. Here’s the thing: did someone once upon a time teach you to say please and thank you? Do people respond to you differently when you do say please and thank you with a smile? As opposed to looking grumpy and showing no politeness, or gratitude? They do, don’t they?

People respond to your mannerism. Whilst women will ultimately fall in love with who you are, they need to be able to discover that person. To make them discover that person you need to reach out to them and communicate with them in ways they respond to. For that reason it’s crucial you learn people skills. Read some books, attend some events if you want – whatever you do learn people skills and flirting. It’s not about using it for the wrong purposes – it’s about reaching out and engaging women in conversation so that they can discover who you are, as opposed to reject you the moment you open your mouth. Because here’s the thing: they aren’t rejecting you, nine times out of ten they’re rejecting your manners.

To give women a chance to discover you, you simply need to reach out to them in a way that’s engaging. Communicate in a way that, not unlike politeness, will draw them in. And you’ll notice a lot of different doors will open up to you once you learn people skills – not just with women, but in life in general.

That’s basically it – start looking after yourself and your life, so that you become happy, whilst simultaneously learning to communicate with women. That will, invariably, land you a girlfriend. Discover the life you love, then let women discover you.