10 Reasons That Aren’t Why You Are Still Single


We’ve all been around those few friends who mean well and try to offer advice as to why you may be single. They might say things like “You’re too picky,” or “You are too easy,” and anything in the middle.

Of course, after hearing these things for a while, you may start to believe the nonsense they are saying.

With that said, yes, some of these factors could be hurting your chances of finding love; but it doesn’t mean that any single one thing could be the cause. Here are ten reasons that aren’t the reason why you’re still single.

1. You have no problem sleeping with someone on the first date.

Forget those antiquated rules about chastity and making someone wait simply because you don’t want to be seen as a slut. Although slut-shaming is real, millions of women embrace their sexuality and who is anyone else to condemn you for it?

2. You do have a problem with sleeping with someone on the first date.

You’re damned if you do it and damned if you don’t. Waiting to sleep with someone shouldn’t be a reason why you are still single. What you do with your body is your decision and if someone has a problem with it, consider it a blessing because they obviously didn’t care much about you if they give you flack for waiting.

3. You embrace your quirky side, and it makes people uncomfortable.

People, in general, have a hard time trying to understand those who don’t fit the normal idea of how someone should behave. If you have quirky tendencies, your seen as a leper that should be avoided at all costs. Which is sad, because it’s these unique people who make life fun and interesting!

4. You’ve lived and have a fair share of issues as a result.

Heaven forbids if you’ve lived through some not-so- pleasant stuff in your life and it’s had a lasting effect on you. Not everyone is fortunate to have lived a charmed life, and when people discover that you have some issues you’re trying to work on, they run like hell. It’s sad because more often than not, they have the same issues that they are running from.

5. You don’t have the ideal body. What is an ideal body anyway?

Is it the figure you see on the cover of magazines? The waif-like frame that stomps down the runway? Or is it whatever body you’re in, as long as you feel confident and happy? There’re all different types of people in this world who are attracted to one thing or another. Never feel like your body is what’s holding you back.

6. You don’t have a clear idea of what you want out of life.

There are so many things that you could do with this life; it can feel like it’s a lost cause trying to figure out what, exactly, you want to do with it. You would be surprised just by how many people say that this indecisiveness is the very reason why someone is single. The truth is, there is nothing wrong with trying to figure your lot in life. Some people are still searching even when they are in their golden years. As long as you are working to figure it out, someone will appreciate that and support your every decision.

7. You are more likely to order your dessert rather than sharing with anyone else.

This is a stupid reason to think you are single over. Who wants to share that decadent slice of cheesecake when it’s just as easy for them to order one for themselves? When it comes to sweets, sometimes sharing is just not a viable option.

8. Every time you log onto a dating website, a piece of you dies.

On your quest to find love, you’ve probably tried numerous avenues to meet someone special. Each time you log onto an app or a website, you feel like you’re taking the easy way out. Or, even worse, you’re taking a step away from socializing with people in person.

9. You look unapproachable due to resting bitchface syndrome.

Sometimes you aren’t going to be all sunshine and lollipops. People don’t realize that just because you don’t have a cheesy smile plastered on your face, it doesn’t mean that you’re unapproachable or angry. Many women have this look, and they could be in a good mood. Chin up, though. Someone will come along and be completely taken by that sullen look and appreciate you for the doll that you are.

10. You have some mental disorder.

People think that if you have a mental disorder, you’re unlovable and destined to be alone. That is far from the case! In fact, those with mental illnesses can go on to have very loving and incredible relationships, and it isn’t because they can hide the illness from others extremely well.

There is always going to be a multitude of reasons why people are single, but they aren’t necessarily the reason. The right person will come along and love you, regardless. You just need to be patient.