If You Are Single Your Dating Expectations Might Be Too High

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If you have turned down too many guys because they are not Mr. Right, unfortunately, your dating expectations are too high. No one is perfect. Everyone has their flaws but that doesn’t mean you keep waiting for finding the ideal match. A perfect relationship is a combination of compromise and understanding.

Let’s be realistic about our dating standards. Here are the basic expectations you should have when looking for Mr. Right:

Don’t Look For Someone More Attractive Than Yourself

Yes, everyone wants their own Brad Pitt, but you are no Angelina Jolie. Don’t expect to get hooked with someone who is out of your league. Even if you land an incredibly attractive guy, how will his looks be beneficial to your relationship in the long run? So, don’t try to make yourself look more attractive to catch the attention of hot guys. Rather embrace your natural beauty and stop turning down the average guys who have been asking you out.

Focus On More Important Qualities than His Hot Looks

Looks will go away but he will still be there. You want to look for qualities in a man that you need, so you can have a lasting and romantic relationship. Find someone you have more in common with. An attractive guy with no common interests with you won’t last. Other obvious qualities, such as trustworthiness and honesty, are important as well. An attractive bad boy is not going to keep you happy in the long run. Focus on your needs and not on your wants.

Don’t Let Someone Run Your Dating Life

Is your mother pushing you to date a lawyer? Or is your friend discouraging you from going out with your nerdy friend you have a crush on? Don’t let your friends and family decide who you should or shouldn’t date. After all, you will be spending the rest of your life with him, not them. And if your friends and family truly care about you, they shouldn’t care about who you are dating. Make your choices and don’t let other’s expectations take over your own.

Don’t Try To Mold Someone into Mr. Right

Just because you haven’t found the man of your dreams doesn’t mean you make one. Changing someone to better suit your expectations will not play out well in the future. Maybe right now he is willing to make changes to keep the relationship going but soon when hardships come your way, it will unravel quickly. Never enter into a relationship in the hope that you will change him. Rather, adapt yourself to the relationship.

While you are trying to lower your expectations, make sure you don’t lower them too much. Don’t settle for a guy just for the heck of it. You still need to keep your expectations high on how your man treats you because you still deserve to be in a mutually loving relationship.