Hot Spots to Meet Singles in Las Vegas


Las Vegas is a city all on its own. This boisterous location is sometimes known as Sin City, for obvious reasons. There are enough play and excitement in this city to cater to millions. 

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The Most Happening Las Vegas Singles Bars 

The singles scene in this city is as active as you can get. Las Vegas boasts the wildest bars and nightclubs with no limitations as to the fun you can have. As long as you are looking for a mind-blowing place to meet a single lady or gent, our site provides an up-to-date list of the same.  

Atomic (1952) 


It is a perfect place to meet singles and mingle with local folks. It is a bar with a lot of history to it, and it’s bound to make you feel nostalgic as well.

The bar was remodeled in 2012, or renovated rather. The new owners restored it to its original glory.

A locale like this can only have a history of celebrities, and it does. In the earlier years, it played host to a number of singers and actors. 

These included Barbra Streisand, Clint Eastwood, and the Smothers Brothers. Also, some movies were shot inside this pub - such as Casino and Twilight Zone. 

It is the perfect place to spark up a conversation with a cute and sexy single and reminisce on the older days. The venue has helped facilitate many relationships. 

Skyfall Lounge


Located at the strip in Las Vegas, this is a cocktail bar offering services way up there. It is located on the 64th floor in a Mandalay Bay hotel. 

Its view is lovely. It grabs the attention of every lady, and the time of being there is so romantic. At that altitude, any single you meet in Sin City will have a night to remember. 

Of course, the food and drinks menu has to be capitalized on to turn the first impression into a date. This venue has an ambiance that you may only find in movies. 

Make your dream date happen tonight while in this city. Grab some of their unique cocktail drinks, and be sure to order one for a lady too. 

Velveteen Rabbit 


If hotel vibes are not your thing, this is the place for you. It is a small bar with friendly bartenders. This is not a club, so no rowdy folks around.

They have interesting cocktails that make for great conversation starters. 

If you are looking for someone to start a relationship with, why not start here.

The quiet environment means it’s easier to have intimate conversations.

On occasion, they have a live band on the patio. This is convenient when you have your full filling of drinks and would like to dance the night away. 

Singles meet here because it’s not as wild and out as other downtown Vegas pubs. 

Phoenix Bar


For that non-touristy vibe, come to Phoenix. It is a quiet experience, not too much action, and definitely not rowdy. 

This is as good a place as any to fire up a new relationship. If you do, in fact, decide to start at the bar, their food is delicious. Feel free to grab more than one meal for a cute single as well.

When it comes to their menu, you cannot find something to appreciate. These spots are popular because you do not need to break the bank to have an awesome night here.

People who frequent this bar are looking for some intimacy, no room for the commotion. However, karaoke nights are excellent to bring you and your partner out of your shell. 

Best Clubs in Las Vegas to Meet Singles 

The Chandelier 


Located within the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, this expansive club plays host to three bars. It is a magnificent architectural wonder and one that is appreciated by the city’s finest residents.

Seeing as the bar is, in fact, within a hotel, the revelers or patrons are usually out-of-towners. This group of people is ready to spend frivolously while mingling flirtatiously. 

Hop into the chandelier and be prepared to grab at the hotel as well. There is a casino for your gambling pleasure, where women and men revel to their heart`s desire. 

There is an abundance of cocktails to pick from. Feel free to visit this place to add some swag into your life and possibly a new partner. 

Encore Beach Club 


It is a club that provides the nightlife experience, a pool as well as a bar. It is, in fact, a beach club, so many activities are bound to be beach-oriented. 

If you are from the inner city or metropolis of New York, this will be a new experience for you. Combining the beach activities, then proceeding to the bar and club make a full day of singles - hunting. 

The environment at Encore begs for just that; an encore. Revelers and tourists alike frequent this spot on varying days of the week. You will find exotic singles here for your picking regularly.

To sum it all up, the pool parties are epic. So, grab a swimsuit or two and get your beach-body ready for some fun-filled water action with cute Las Vegas singles. 

1 Oak Nightclub 

Located on Vegas’s most renowned avenue, Las Vegas Boulevard is host to this and many other clubs. This club, however, only recently opened one of these spots within the city. 

The club brings the party scene from New York and a few other states with it. If you run a drinks tab, be sure to know what you are ordering in terms of cocktails, your tab may run a little high. 

So, if you are not too frugal a spender, this might be the spot for you to pick out a lady or two. Perhaps you are a lady picking up a handsome, single dude. Either way, the atmosphere is all about going wild-n-out. 

No holds barred here. And some celebrities have been known to frequent this hotspot, the likes of Mariah Carey. Maybe you can meet a few of your own or become an overnight celebrity yourself. 

So grab a bottle of something and hope to make it to VIP. You will love the experience. 

Omnia Club 


It is an awesome place to be. Not only it is a nightclub, it’s a performing arts venue as well. This fantastic place is also located on the Las Vegas Boulevard. 

The club has the friendliest staff ever to be found in a nightclub. Once you grab a chair and take to indulging, you will notice the patrons are a great crowd too.

The dance floor has a magnificent chandelier above it. If you are looking for a place to dance the night away and relieve some stress, this is it. 

There is also an outdoor patio. This is where you, and that gorgeous lady (or man) you’ve been eyeing, will get some quiet time. The view is spectacular and definitely worth a kiss or two.

Events for Singles in Las Vegas

David Copperfield at the MGM


Be sure to visit this place from July to August. Critically acclaimed illusionist David Copperfield will be performing some of his best tricks. 

For a magical night (pun intended), be sure to don some casual attire for a fancy night out. Magic may just be another way to a lady’s heart, next to diamonds, of course.

Though you won’t be the illusionist on any of your visits, you may just make some magic in a lady friend’s heart. These shows attract the young and old, occasionally bringing in tourists from all over the globe. 

For a night out on your own, being a part of this show will get you to meet someone new, be it for a one-on-one performance on or off stage. There is always a moment when the illusionist asks for “a member of the audience to participate." Be sure to step up to the plate. It may be your only chance to attract one or two femmes. 

The Thunder from Down Under: 


The show is called The Thunder from Down Under, and it’s an Australian revue. Hard-bodied dudes in scintillating costumes give women (and men) a performance they won’t forget. 

What could possibly attract more women than a show with barely clad, physically fit men? Pretty much nothing. Add to that the fact that they will be dancing in a manner that is quite ungodly. And now you know why it is called Sin City. 

If you are a man looking to have several women to select from, this is the place to be. A bunch of men gyrating in their jeans is bound to make any woman quite excited. 

This presents the perfect opportunity for you to keep her company. She will probably be among other women during the show, but feel free to grab her afterward for a glass or two. It really works. The show takes place at the Excalibur Hotel on Las Vegas Boulevard. 

Brad Garret’s Comedy Club 


Laughter will get you into almost any lady or gent’s heart. With a comedy club, you cannot go wrong in terms of finding singles in Las Vegas. The popularity of this place (MGM Grand Hotel and Casino) makes it a favorite for many people. 

Garret’s comedy shows combine a bit of the new and some of the old. There is fresh talent performing almost daily. Since the show recurs over the week, different people show up too. 

While at the MGM, you can always wait for the next comedian to come up for standup or simply come back later and meet new people. 

The artists rotate, and their humor is bound to keep you and other locals coming back for more. If at first, you don’t succeed, try again. There is always another cutie pie waiting to be carried away by someone like you. 

Art of the Wild 


It is a three-day festival that takes place in various locations around the metropolis. 

The show brings together artists who are from the underground scene.

The genre of music will not be new to anyone, but it does not stop music action. People are encouraged to register for tables and bottled service. 

These services will ensure a more comfortable experience for you. With VIP tickets, you will also have access to the swimming pool. 

As you take time to cool off after all that dancing, grab your lady/male friend and let them cool off with you. 

Other Fun Events and Places to Visit in Las Vegas

In case some of you are not aware, Las Vegas is a city that grew from a desert. It is only right and expected that there be some bit of desert land left for exploration or fun. Dune buggies and ATVs are perfect vehicles to tread along the desert floor. Who knows, you might see an oasis or, better yet, a mirage. Take on one of these excursions and get to see the city away from the city. The rock formations and wildlife can be viewed in a way that no television set ever could. Aside from the ATVs, the dune buggies are more agile and will probably give you a more realistic valleys experience. Drop into a few ditches and bounce back at high speeds. It is a unique experience and one that you will undoubtedly remember once back in the city. Some of the eye-catching landscape formations are the Hidden Valley Monument and the Valley of Fire State Park. Renting these dune buggies and ATVs should be your concern as you plan to meet other singles for some off-roading fun. The expenses here will be well worth it. Imagine finding a potential partner on our online app, then linking up in the desert. This is what storybooks and movies are made of. Be a part of the next Las Vegas love story. 

Of course, there are other just as exciting endeavors you can partake in. Remember the movie Saw (JIGSAW). Well, here’s a chance to escape from one of his many snares. Participate in one of these events to challenge your wits and check your physical endurance. These Escape Rooms, as they are called, give you a chance to be creative too. Imagine having your crush with you, maybe a new partner you met on our site. Take the time to create your own maze and your own game. You can decide if you want to solve a murder or just partake in an already created adventure. The most popular adventures, of course, involve zombies and Indiana Jones. Alternatively, take part in some shooting activities and take off some steam. The 702 Gun Range allows you to experience it all - from AK-47s to Glock 17s. As mentioned earlier, Las Vegas is a city for thrill-seekers. You may have to try extra hard not to have fun in Sin City. You will try even harder not to find a sexy single that matches your needs. 

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