Listings for Where to Meet Singles in Louisville 


Finding that perfect match can be challenging when you have no insight on where to look. Online classifieds and newspaper listings are at times out of date. Also, there is no guarantee that the personals showed actually match the person you will meet. 

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Louisville Singles Bars 

A city with great food and a sound heritage, the natives are friendly and cheerful. Using our online app will help you make friends easily and, most importantly, safely.

Garage Bar

In the vibrant Nulu neighborhood, there is a quaint little bar that grew out of a garage off East Market. 

The bar is located in a friendly and quiet neighborhood and plays host to regular locals. If you are looking for a place to meet that cute girl from next door, you will most likely meet her here. 

This spot makes for a cozy and intimate date. The beers are just the right amount of cold, and the food menu is a delight. Southern specialties and wood-fired pizzas are served by the friendliest waiters around. 

Because it doesn’t draw in loud crowds, it is an intimate spot to have those flirtatious occasions. The bartenders know everyone, and they all take time to get to know newcomers. 

Security will not be an issue as you plan to make a great first impression. 


Patrons of this establishment love to call it unpretentious. It is, in fact, a dive bar located on Charles Street. It is also wheelchair accessible, so you know they have their customers’ needs in mind. 

This joint offers great value for money. The beers and drinks, in general, will not hurt your budget. Draft beers cost less than $3.

Finding a decent lady or gent will be a breeze at a place like this. You might even get some recommendations once the locals get to know your name. Everyone knows everyone at the Nach. 

Seeing as it’s a local, homey spot, you can have that flirtatious conversation with very few distractions. So reach out to people on our dating site and tag them along. The food and drinks will not disappoint.



Off Preston St, this is a dive bar located close to a college campus. We all know what that means — young and vibrant men and women eager for some loving. 

The spot has live music occasionally, but it’s small and quaint enough for dinner. There are a vegetarian menu and the usual American delights. 

There are also a variety of game machines for your pleasure. Or, you could order some of their delicious foodies and grab a private booth.

If you want to be part of a larger crowd, you can visit the spot on weekends. There is an outdoor patio for live music or simply as a getaway for you and that cutie you’ve been eyeing. 

Haymarket Whiskey Bar & Bottle Shop


Are you ready for some indulgence in more than just tasty wines? This venue has over 400 whiskeys for your picking. The reviews go as far as Esquire and Time magazine. 

For a night of serious whiskey drinking and some healthy grub, visit this bar and make that awesome first impression. Don’t forget to keep her hands full of a drink or two. 

If you have time, visit Haymarket during different days of the week. Check out the different events during the course of the week. 

On Mondays, they offer free pizza. Wednesday is free chili night, and Fridays have a DJ spinning whatever you’d like. You could grab a lady or male friend and dedicate a few songs to him/her.

Best Clubs to Meet Singles in Louisville 

If bars prove too quaint or homely for you, take it up a notch in a nightclub

Club Legends 


Visit club legends for the feistiest ladies in town. Are you looking for gents instead? You won’t miss out on some young and energetic lads to keep you busy till the last call.

Visit this hotspot for Margarita Mondays and Old School Fridays. There is live music occasionally, and a DJ almost always presents.

Truly a legendary spot, the dance floor is always full. It may be because the food here is quite filling, and the drinks are spot on. Maybe it’s just the vibrant atmosphere and fantastic music.

Locals who frequent this spot love dancing there till closing time. Find a partner at this local establishment and dance yourself into her/his heart as well.

Executive Club 


As the name suggests, this is not a hangout spot for those still finding themselves. It is, in fact, a club for grown folks. Note to self, though - that does not imply the elderly. 

If you are out of your teens and early twenties and need a mature company, this is the place to be. Interestingly enough, the crowd is older than you would find elsewhere, but they party even harder. 

The music is diverse, so you and our date may get a chance at the blues. Seeing as the crowd is older, no instances of rowdiness have been reported. It is a nice environment to introduce yourself to a new partner. 

This older crowd may even give you pointers as you flirt away with your friend. Take advantage of their wisdom and get better acquainted with good food and fantastic music. 

Howl at the Moon 


Okay, maybe you would rather hang around your peers. Is the older crowd too intimidating for you? Take a trip down to the moon and howl at some pretty young ladies (and men). 

Correction, please don’t howl at the ladies. Rather, introduce yourself and buy them a cocktail or two. Instead, you could get the 86 ounce bucket of alcohol and invite a few ladies to join you.

The venue occasionally has artists performing live. Be sure to join other revelers on the dance floor for a full night (or nights) of matchmaking and booty-shaking.  

The complex is a part bar and a part concert oriented. It’s essentially non-stop action for you and a sexy beau you have tagged along. 

Elks Club

It is a club for grown folks, with grown needs and grown behaviors. A disclaimer, though, does not in any way means less fun. 

The club has grown folks dressed quite casually while the younger seeks to look more formal. It is a place for people who want some good, clean fun. No noise. No rowdiness and definitely no disrespect. 

The crowd is friendly as you would expect, and the service is of five-star quality. What better place to meet a potential partner than here? It shows you value yourself and are mature enough to take her to a decent place. 

If you are so inclined, meet a single gal or lad here on karaoke nights. The two (or three) of you can sing up a storm, around people who may give you love-pointers.

Events for Singles in Louisville 

Thunder over Louisville


This is a fun event for families and friends alike, including strangers and especially out-of-towners. It is scheduled for a few days before the Kentucky Derby or Churchill Downs.

During this event, singles from all over the state of Kentucky gather for a fireworks show. The event is held along the Ohio River. 

You will have a great time in sunny Louisville among friendly young men and women. There is not only a fireworks show but also airplanes hovering over the wild crowd. Some date devils will grace the sky for a skydiving show. 

As mentioned earlier, it usually plays host to several out-of-towners as well. These folks will be looking to mingle with a few single ladies and gents for a fun-filled afternoon and evening. 

There is always plenty of food and drinks to go around. This kick-off to the Derby is the perfect setup for you and a few new friends to eat and be merry. It makes for a fun date as you appreciate what the town has to offer.  

Kentucky Derby


Every city has its history ingrained in one activity or another. Whether you are a visitor or Louisville native, you will be familiar with this Derby. 

Its inception was in the late 1800s, and it involves the fittest thoroughbreds around. It is greatly recognized as a sport, and wagers are placed on the same. If you want to meet women and guys who enjoy the finer things, and sports, life, this is the place to be.

For your information, some ladies participate in the Derby as well. Be it behind the scenes in training or on horseback. You cannot miss a few singles to flirt with on the tracks and off. 

Meet fun men and women at the Derby and fire up a race-related conversation. If you are in luck, the lass or lad you meet with maybe an expert of the same. Now that’s a race you should be happy to keep up with. 

African Heritage Festival 


An event that honors and appreciates diverse cultures, specifically African and Caribbean. It is hosted by the Kentucky Center for African American Heritage, among others. 

It presents a chance to mingle with diverse men and women too. Picture the crowds as you prepare yourself to attend the festival. There can only be a multitude of ethnic men and women pleased to make your acquaintance. 

If you are worried about what to discuss on these events, be at ease. Those who frequent these spots are bound to have plenty of information to share with you, quite excitedly too. 

Find a partner at this event, and you are bound to make plans for another date. The conversation starters are too many to count. Simply show up and exude some interest in all African things. 

Garvin Gate Blues Festival 


Like popular events that are now household names, this event began in someone’s parking lot. The blues were originally played within the confines of a bar or restaurant.

With time, Louisville locals and tourists alike began to enjoy the blues along Oak Street. With time and with more customers, it moved to other intersections and became a festival in and of itself.

Though a blues festival, it is a crowd-pleaser for all demographics. People show up to enjoy great company and fantastic music with strangers and friends alike. Many of the locals make this their number one event when it is scheduled. 

The common factor of this event is that it appreciates people from all walks of life. Therefore, whoever you may be, you are bound to meet your peers and engage on the same level. 

Other Places and Events to Meet Singles in Louisville. 

A place that exudes love and appreciation for all things under the sun is the zoo. At the Louisville Zoo, you will see African wildlife, penguins, gorillas, and an abundance of species that we cannot list here. This spot attracts people of all ages, including, of course, single men and women. Sharing and appreciating the world’s most beautiful creatures, all under one complex, is hard to come by. That’s why this venue brings in Louisville natives and tourists alike. Many of the visitors may not have many local friends; therefore, you may be in luck. Meeting a match while admiring other species can make for a match made in heaven. There is no need to break the ice here. Spark a conversation about a species that you know nothing or little about. A local or visitor may have the answers you are looking for. The expanse has a vast land, approximately 134 acres. You could take the zoo train and have a sightseeing date with a newly found friend. While exploring the city’s history, take time to visit Old Louisville on a walk-by tour. This sightseeing event takes you around old buildings and streets that represent the older generation. There will be no entering the old buildings. However, you can request a private, in-house visit with the Conrad - Caldwell House Museum. 

While being on the subject of tours, how about a more eerie experience? Take the Old Louisville Ghost Tour and get to experience some supernatural activities. Whether you will run into ghosts or not remains to be seen, but you will be in one of the city’s most renowned (older) neighborhoods. There are dozens of spooky buildings and streets to visit. Much like a horror flick, maybe you and a friendly single can hold hands while you stroll through these eerie streets. Some of these Victorian mansions were home to wealthy barons and royalty. Makes for an interesting conversation piece when discussing how they came to be haunted. Step away from haunted houses and dilapidated homes and go into the whiskey distillery process. That is a good way as any to start or end date. At the Wood Ford Distillery, you will get a chance to learn how your favorite drinks are made. It may make you enjoy sipping on them even more once you return to the city's dive bars and nightclubs. After you and your date experience the process of Bourbon making, you will get a chance to taste some. The best products that the distillery has to offer will be available to you and your partner. The conversations can only get more diluted after that. 

Louisville Zoo