Find out Where to Meet Singles in Oklahoma  


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Finding singles in Oklahoma bars may not be as safe without a backup. The backup, in this case, is a site that scrutinizes information to check for discrepancies. Any scant information may raise red flags with the admins and yourself. If you are not comfortable with some of the personals that you sift through, please ignore them. Take your safety as a high priority, because we do the same. 

There are plenty of bars, clubs, and other events for you to visit as you seek some young ladies or gents to keep you company. The local singles scene is vibrant, with youthful men and women looking for a lively date. 

Fancy Singles Bars in Oklahoma 

The Pump Bar 


A nifty bar shaped like a question mark, this venue won’t leave you with any service questions. Any visit to this place will leave you looking forward to the next date.

There are flatscreens everywhere for your viewing pleasure and enough savory meals to keep you engrossed in both. 

The bar is home to several local patrons because of the location, and its age-old neighborhood feels to it. The food is affordable, and the drinks worth mentioning. With over 50 different brews, made by Southerners and Scotsmen alike, you will be spoilt for choice. 

Grab a friend and hang out in any game rooms or around the pit-fire as you sip on your drinks. As long as your partner has a drink in hand, you should have no problems making conversation. 



A trendy yet unpretentious bar and restaurant, this locale serves drinks in a relaxed and quiet atmosphere. The food and wine list are to die for, and a must-try for anyone new to the city.

The kitchen only uses the finest seafood and meats available. No date of yours should have to eat questionable food. Their food has been tested and approved by the likes of Saveur Magazine as well as Food and Wine Magazine. 

If you haven’t already found someone on our online app, it is suggested that you visit this venue to run into some fine ladies and gentlemen. 

An establishment that prides itself on savory food and drinks, one can only imagine that the clientele will be just as pleasing. There is only one way to find out. 



Sparking a conversation over some spicy cocktails is always the way to go. Why not do so at this trendy and upscale public house. 

The crowd is over 21, only rightly because the cocktails may need someone a bit mature to appreciate them. The bar has custom cocktails and a beer menu that is commendable in terms of price. Most of the ales cost less than $5. 

There is a food menu to boot for that cute partner who may be joining you for lunch/ dinner. Starters and appetizers are available if you are so inclined. 

The seating is great for singles, couples, and groups alike. You can also grab a gift card online and present it to your new interest. He/she may use it on another occasion, and if you’ve played your cards right, it may be with you. 

Blue Bayou 


Some bars are perfect for watching and hopefully meeting people. These dive bars have a homely setting and are great when you are single and ready to mingle. 

Find and meet gals and boys at the bayou with no hassle. The crowd is always pleasing, and the bartenders are friendly too. Everyone seems to know everybody, so, you may as well join in.

The bar offers some okay food, with appetizers and some pretty healthy salads. If you notice a lonely lass or lad across the room, maybe you can offer them a bite or two. 

Feel free to show up on Friday for karaoke night. If your offers to buy drinks are declined, maybe you can get some action from your singing. 

Best Clubs to Meet Singles in Oklahoma City 

Club One 15


Make your presence felt at this glitzy nightclub in downtown OKC. It is a club that never stops in terms of fun. 

The party-goers at this establishment are of the younger variety. The Younger, in this case, means lively, fun, and single. They have unadulterated fun. 

This joint has some exclusive VIP lounges, booths, and personalized table services. It is the best place to have dinner, drinks, and a night out with a cheerful gal or boy. 

As long as you are searching for a fun-loving match, this club may have you select from a variety. Step your game up with some trendy gear and enjoy the light-filled dance floor.  



This glitzy establishment brings together ladies and gents for some burlesque fun. The crowd-pleasers are, of course, ladies in seductive and alluring costumes. 

You may find ballerinas, dancers, and people enjoy something other than dive bars frequenting this spot. 

This place is for the patrons of a classier and more mature variety. If you are looking to meet singles in Oklahoma with a different taste for entertainment, this is the place to be.

Bring an empty stomach, your dancing feet, and some flirtatious humor. There is no room for shyness here. Unless, of course, it’s the eye candy you are flirting with, then take their hand and guide them through some dance moves. 


How about this classy joint that still gets wild on its best days? The music is great, and so are the rules — no drinks on the dance floor. 

While you are hastily sipping your drink and engaging in some healthy conversations, the food menu is awesome as well. Take care to feed properly as you might burn off quite a lot of calories on the dance floor.

The DJs seem to have noted the crowd-pleasers are the 70s, 80s, and 90s beats, which they will play endlessly. To their heart`s content, and that of the revelers, the music is non-stop until someone has to go home. 

This is not a dive bar-cum club, nor is it an upscale and expansive nightclub. It is a fun place to be and not too loud either. You will find it pleasing for those few intimate moments before hitting the dance floor. 

Listz Nightclub and Lounge 


This is a party venue for all the glitz and glamor you have to offer because the club offers a lot of the same. It is a club that caters to clean-cut and mature clientele. 

The dress code alone speaks of an environment that is a far cry from dingy bars and downtown hole-in-the-wall establishments. There are no gym clothes allowed, sleeveless shirts, nor baggy clothes. 

The party singles scene revolves around serious party-goers, including events like bachelorette parties et al. You cannot leave the Listz and come out downtrodden. 

Pick up your best attire, some freshly scented perfume, and prepare for a night of fun-filled partying. You might just have to fight off a few ladies or gents. They will be as eager as you to meet their match. 

Events for Singles in Oklahoma City 

Diamond Ballroom

This venue plays host to a number of private events throughout the year. During 2020, a number of events are lined up that is bound to draw in some lively crowds. 

The ballroom will host a number of artists, including Citizen Cope, the Insane Clown Posse as well as Jim Breuer. The diamond ballroom has a strict no-guns policy. 

The popularity of this venue speaks for itself. The number of visitors monthly is enough to keep you and yours coming back for more action. 

Diverse performances, by default, will draw in a diverse crowd. Therefore, you will find it almost impossible to find someone you have a connection with. 


Mountain Goats

This cast of talented artists backing up John Darnielle’s artistic prowess is scheduled to perform in Oklahoma City later this year. The scripts he jots on paper come out loud and clear in his vignettes. 

The venue for this event will be the Tower Theatre. It is located in the heart of Oklahoma and convenient enough for anyone on a bike, bus, or foot. The visitors to this concert are made to part with a mere $25. 

If you have a lovely young lady or man you have met on our site, this may be the perfect event to make your first date. 

It is a non-smoking event, and the hosts promise you and yours a different kind of entertainment. One you can only experience in Oklahoma. 


Energy FC Soccer

Sports bring the young and the old together for some good clean fun. Oklahoma City is no stranger to the sport of soccer, and neither are its locals. 

The United Soccer League announced that the OKC would play over 200 games this season. Of course, not all of them will be at home. So, it behooves you to find time to visit Taft Stadium. 

The Energy Football club will play host to Rio Grande Valley at the Taft Stadium. One can only imagine the excitement that will be among the spectators. 

Due to the pandemic, many have been anxiously waiting for some live sports action. This will be the perfect and maybe only opportunity for you to meet sexy singles in Oklahoma. 

Disney’s Frozen

To end our list is a climactic show. Disney is revered for providing audiences of all ages with heartwarming entertainment. This year, Disney’s Frozen comes to Oklahoma. 

No show will bring in more lasses looking to cry on someone’s shoulder at the Civic Center than this show. It might make some men cry too. 

The above notwithstanding, our online dating site will provide you with compatible people to take to this wonderful show. You can pick up your date and some tissues for your tears along the way. 

The show has superb musicals, and it promises to be a hit with many, both young and old. Do not miss out on this opportunity to show a young lady your softer side. 


Fun Places and Activities for Singles in Oklahoma 

Always insist on visiting a place with some history and significant heritage to it. The best place would be, of course, a national heritage institution. In this fine city, the National Cowboy Heritage Museum focuses on holding on to artifacts that preserve the American West's heritage. You will learn a lot about American history here. Perhaps in one way or another, you may get more insight into your own history than you did in school. Take a friend or meet one here and take turns trying to figure out which part of American history you can relate to. There is plenty of Indian artwork that puts other museums to shame. Most visitors are bound to be people who are interested in their own, as well as other cultures. Acquaintances made here may lead to long-lasting relationships; perhaps you may share the same heritage. Alternatively, you could visit the local zoo. Oklahoma City is home to approximately 2000 animals. It is a wonderful place with exceptionally courteous staff. Your experience at the zoo will bring you closer to nature than ever before. It is something different, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It is also a far cry from dive bars and nightclubs. Here, you get to really be in touch with nature. Maybe you can pay for a camel ride for a single lady at the zoo. Later, some elephant-feeding might be in order as you make your way into her/his phone number. 

National Cowboy Heritage Museum


Oklahoma City Zoo