Your Trusted Dating Guide for Singles in New Orleans


Are you tired of sitting home on Friday night wishing you could cuddle with a single New Orleans woman? We've all been there. It's no fun when you want companionship if there is no one you can call. That's why we've made online dating easy for all users to match with local singles who seek a relationship. Each person who takes the time to create an utter dating profile could be your potential mate. Seek a person who will respect you and share quality time. There are many features here that help you find a suitable date. Keep these points in mind:

  • Matching with a good person starts with writing a list of must-haves (i.e., she loves pets; she is open to having children, etc.).
  • It's not so much what you say you are about. It's about being authentic and communicating with someone often, so she will be ready to meet.

How to Find Singles in New Orleans

It used to be you could run into an interesting guy or girl at the supermarket or a nearby concert. However, times have changed. If you flirt with a stranger and ask for a phone number, they might get upset. On the other hand, chatting with dating platform users will increase your social network and possibly lead to a long-term attachment. We know this because online dating helps you to make good use of your time and arrange meetups with fun partners. If you cast your net wide, your true love might be living a few streets over in the same neighborhood. Here are some tips to get you out in the community:

  • Join a local gym, yoga studio, or CrossFit facility. Get there early and hang out a few minutes after to talk with other members.
  • Take a painting or cooking class in your community where other singles will be in evidence.
  • Invite friends from work to go out for drinks. Choose pubs or taverns with a laid-back atmosphere. Happy hour is a great time to interact with other adults, mostly Friday evening.

Chat with Local Singles

Joining our dating site is a big step. You are putting yourself out there to find love. Remember, make your profile interesting by including pictures of yourself enjoying life. Sort through profiles in your preferred age range. Choose a few users with lovely pics and common interests. It's hard to tell if someone is a good match just by texting her, but chatting is what starts you both moving in a positive direction. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you message her so you will feel confident:

  • Send an upbeat message. If you don't know what to text her, look for a joke or something funny in her profile to mention in your text.
  • Don't rush to send a first date text because you might scare her off if you say something too soon. Use your observation skills to gauge how she is responding and if it feels like she is interested in knowing you better.

First Date Ideas That Will Impress

The first date is a short meeting that helps you define if there is an attraction and if the conversation might lead to friendship. This date might feel different than texting because now you can see her and interpret her body language and facial expressions, which are important nonverbal forms of feedback. You can get a better feel for what she is looking for in a partner by observing her. Be sure not to ask too many questions or rattle on and about yourself. These first date ideas will get the conversation going, but it might take a week or two to fit this meeting into both of your busy schedules: first date guide, text after the first date, kiss after the first date

  • As a first date guide, people who are anxious or shy need a quiet place to talk or want to be surrounded by many busy people. Ask if she wants to relax during a quiet meal at Cafe Amelie.
  • cafe-amelie-dating-ideas
  • Meet for a quiet conversation and a stroll in historic Louis Armstrong Park with many of its own green spaces. If you don't know what to expect or feel nervous about keeping the conversation flowing, bring a frisbee or a sketchbook and drawing pencils. Try to fit this casual date into a weeknight, a Sunday afternoon, or whenever you're both free for an hour or two.
  • louis-armstrong-park-dating-ideas

Second Date Ideas for Newbies

We get lots of users who are searching for second date ideas in New Orleans. It is a busy city with a long history of Cajun culture mixed with French and other Southern influences. There is a port here and a lively music scene. You can arrange to meet your new friend in a setting where she feels relaxed and wants to talk more about herself. She might have had some bad experiences with other men on dating sites, so don't rush her. Be her friend, be open for love, and you might get a lovely kiss on date night. If she proposes a place in her neighborhood for romantic moments, consider those options too. Here are two hotspots we love:

  • Find a quiet spot to sit and talk in our classy bar scene, such as stopping over at Patrick's Vin. A date might resemble desserts and wine or beer and appetizers. Ask her what she prefers.
  • Patricks-vin-dating-ideas
  • Catch a show together anywhere you can find on Facebook or meet up for drinks and take a nice walk through Woldenberg Riverfront Park. You might be interested to learn that it stays open until midnight and can be a great setting for a date night kiss.
  • woldenberg-riverfront-park-dating-ideas

Winning Third Date Ideas

If there is another date on the horizon, you have made a terrific start! Congrats! Now, let's make the third date the one to seal the deal. If she feels comfortable with you, then you might be able to land a kiss and discuss a potential relationship. If you try to get more physically close on this outing, read her feedback, and assess if she seems to respond positively by touching her hair or gently caressing your hand. She might be reserved and prefer to talk and ease into friendship at this time. Try these third date tips:

  • Enjoy an evening of blues, which is a favorite tradition in New Orleans, at House of Blues New Orleans. Don't hesitate to try their jambalaya. If you love to dance, that's what to do on a third date.
  • house-of-blues-dating-ideas
  • A smaller venue that might better suit her tastes is Tipitina's, which features cajun dancing. After a night of music, if you don't know what to do on a third date, walk around the city and discuss where she has traveled and what's on her bucket list.
  • tipitinas-dating-ideas

From this point on, dating is what you make of it. There's no guarantee this match will become a long-term relationship, but invest your time and see what happens. Turn a few dates into something more substantial by being compatible and earning her trust!