Discover Where to Meet Singles in Oakland


You can make your love life a lot more exciting by learning to select the best Oakland dating site with a chat room and other interesting features. As you can find millions of users in a single place, your chances of finding a partner will go up considerably. You can even discuss the best venues to arrange your first date. Thankfully, there are numerous bars, nightclubs, and other attractions to keep you busy and give you enough chances to hit on hot girls.

Visit the Best Oakland Singles Bars

When visiting the Bay Area, tourists and natives have plenty of entertainment options to choose from. Depending on your mood for the evening, you can go for a stylish night out or just unwind after an extended workday. All of the following Oakland singles bars are set to gratify your mood with just the perfect vibes.

Heinold’s First and Last Chance Saloon


This Oakland watering hole located in Jack London Square, Oakland, California, opened its doors in July 1884. Ever since, all guests and customers have been enjoying their sophisticatedly rasping ambiance, which boasts of being a mosaic of America's past, including the famous wars. The bar is well-known for its cocktails and meals. A charming outdoor patio adds to the cliquey interior, where drinks can be enjoyed in the sunset scene while observing the motion of boats along the creek.

Make Westing:


Make Westing is found in the booming Uptown district of Oakland. Décor resonating with the trade legacy of the city uses wood, iron, and slate for the contemporary touch up. The full cocktail bar, a selection of gourmet tastes, alfresco courtyard, and two indoor bocce courts make MakeWesting a spot of cordiality with fun.

Plum Bar

This spirits-driven meat reserve’ in Oakland's Uptown district excels at nourishing your cocktails and cured-meat yearning along with an assortment of delightful offerings, from pure meat and cheese platters to a minty cocktail enhanced with in-house ginger syrup. Dogwood bar is a hip bar with a softly lit yet vivacious background. Presenting several old-school cocktails, Dogwood is mixology and charcuterie essential at an affordable rate. In short, it is a petite hidden gem! 

Consider an outhouse that dumped its rural past for some up-to-date Frank Lloyd Wright feels…..that’s Plum Bar. The cozy and intimate seating arrangement here just might direct you to your next date. The inner area is dense on soft lights, neutral-tones, and wall-papered. The squarely hewed cocktail menu lures creativeness from both classic and contemporary poetry on the walls. Their modern take on American food and drinks with original entrees and remarkable cocktails make Plum Bar the place to be!


Linden Street Brewery:

This tiny brewery has made its way to the list of Oakland’s ultimate drinking spots. Using only the optimum malt hops and yeast, Linden Street Brewery excels in producing exclusive, hand-crafted beers with well-adjusted taste outlines, presenting a contemporary craft version of the "Old California Style" lagers. Their taproom is open on weekends, where beer can be picked up or enjoyed on-spot. Since they serve beer only, they are all equipped to deliver it to tasteful patrons in the area to spread their flavor.

Enjoy in the Best Clubs to Meet Singles in Oakland

Nightlife in Oakland is vibrant and exciting, so you can always hit nightclubs in the area to meet naughty singles. Check out the best clubs to meet singles and explore the area in the right way.

Missouri Lounge:


With the off-the-cuff indoor and outdoor spaces, chilled drinks and savory food, Oakland A’s game on the television, and sunlight filtering over the open anterior door, Missouri Lounge has a perfect neighborhood gathering vibe, than that of a bar which attracts the best after-work crowd in Oakland. Come night, the dance floor lights up gradually with the DJ playlist comprising a strong mix of honky-tonk, rock ‘n roll with a tint of conventional music to set the mood. The relaxed aura is best suited for hanging out with friends or meeting new people, where you don’t even have to step outdoors for a smoke.

The Ruby Room:


The Ruby Room is a solid and jittery faux dive through the lane from Lake Merritt with DJs turning a nonstop soundtrack of punk hits, glam rock, and hip-hop classics. Its low-slung ceilings, dense nicotine vapors, and crimson glow brand it as one of the top places in Oakland for hangouts while drinking hard and cut-rate drinks. The ‘Red’ vibe of The Ruby Room is complemented by red rope-lighting, red light bulbs, and a pebble wall behind the bar. The pool table, smoking area, a selection of cocktails, snacks, and a convenient-than-most location make it the best spot to go with your gang.

The Alan Blueford Center:


The Alan Blueford Center for Justice is to be found on Telegraph and 25th, making it to the core of Oakland First Fridays. If you are a hip-hop fan, then this is just the place. They give the stage to many liberal artists who don't fit the conventional storyline but are vital for communal liberation. Moreover, you can catch their showcases on First Fridays and other community events where the experience will be all-inclusive without any hidden charges. The dancing session on brand new local music here sets the mood for a perfect evening.

Witness the Best Events for Singles in Oakland

To mingle with the locals, you need to take part in some of the best events for singles in Oakland. Thankfully, you can pick from a large list.

Oakland Carnival

Going on for six years now, Oakland Carnival runs with the undertaking to present music, dance, food, culture, and wellness as bonding podiums. It has proved to be a key promoter to restore cultural arts, entertainment, and community wellness that attracts a diverse audience. The Oakland Carnival is Oakland’s leading Carnival experience featuring live presentations on its global music platform, a Soca and Salsa dance dome, an African bazaar, a global food court, a kid’s area in a family-friendly garden site, and youth game areas. This free festival is celebrated in the essence of Caribbean, African, and Latino dance and music ethnicities through live performances.


Annual Montclair Village Halloween Parade:

If you have to visit Oakland, be in time to catch this yearly Halloween Parade, as it will be a sight to see. On October 31, a large number of people dress up in line with the spirit of Halloween and join hundreds of other inventively dressed people for this parade. A trooping band and the Wells Fargo Bank Stage Coach are also present as the parade passes through Mountain Boulevard in Montclair Village. Feel free to join in….. just don’t forget to don the right costume to play the part!


Art & Soul Festival:


Oakland does this one right! The enthralling Art & Soul Festival rejoices the city’s opulent musical culture annually. This festival has a totally diverse disposition with a chill, family-friendly vibe but just as strikingly hip also. You can visit food booths of local stores giving varied options to choose from, the superb craftsperson market with varied paintings, jewelry, and crafts on display for selling and the background music including blues, dance, R&B, and salsa offer something for everyone. The diverse dancers, gymnasts, aerialists, and performers are a treat to watch. This two-day event reflects the diversity of Oakland from young to old featuring the largest Family Fun Area.

Autumn Lights Festival:


This festival, spread over three sunsets in the night-darkened10–acre gardens of Lake Merritt in Lakeside Park, is a traditional fundraiser. The joyful evenings are a remarkable mixture of live music, well-lit art, fire dancers, antique Halloween blow casts, an interactive kids zone, and a wide-ranging food court. This annual event has a something-for-everyone deal, such that the festival-goers can submerge in the charm of art, novelty, and gardening in one place. This Festival proudly showcases the aesthetics and initiatives of local Bay Area artists, where attendees are also summoned to construct luminaries for the garden.

Oakland Greek Festival:


Whether you are Greek or not, celebrating Greek history and ethos at the annual Oakland Greek Festival is a must-have experience! Presenting old-style live music, dancers, Greek cuisine, and visits to the superb cathedral, this festival is ready to cater to folks of all ages. Experiencing the rich highlights jingles, and palates of the Greek, created with sheer authenticity, will let you indulge in the pure Greek vibe. The highlight is definitely the food, so the variety is awesome, from opa and gyro to the loukoumades and phyllo custard.

Top Attractions to Check in Oakland

Besides bars and clubs, you can take your dating hunt to other attractions, including parks and recreation areas, to find singles looking for love. Here are some good options to consider:

Temescal Regional Recreation Area


Temescal Park is an out-of-sight retreat placed in the Upper Rockridge area off Broadway Terrace. It offers lots to do from fishing, playing games, and having open-air picnics and BBQs on the sprawling green grass. Cleanliness is well-maintained in the whole area. Another attraction is the human made lake, which is stocked with fish, so fishing is also another option. Some part of the lake has been segmented as a small beach area with sand. The highlight of being a lifeguard makes swimming in the lake safe and fun. The landscape is gorgeous, with several trails for hiking and jogging.

Dimond Park:


Dimond Park is an amazing large park situated between Fruitvale Ave and Park Blvd. It features creekside hiking tracks, picnic areas, and play areas for kids of all ages, basketball and tennis courts, a swimming pool, and a recreational center. The best part is that the lush redwood forest and trails are not crowded, making it the perfect spot for a leisurely stroll, a picnic, or just letting the kids run around. The revamped trail along Sausal Creek that connects all the way to Joaquin Miller is quite amazing for a safe and sunny hike in the open. 

Roberts Regional Recreation Area:


Roberts Regional Recreation Area is located across Skyline Drive and offers a stunning mix of sun and redwood shade, coming from the landmark redwood trees. The Area features a baseball court, sand volleyball court, archery range, playgrounds, and a swimming pool. The highlight is the wheelchair-accessible kids play area. The pool has a large green picnic area beside it for the parents to hang out or set up a picnic while their kid is splashing in the water. The whole park is well-maintained and clean. The only downside is the $5 parking fee payable every time you visit.

Mountain View Cemetery:


Not that romantic, right? If the name can be overlooked, the Mountain View Cemetery is a must-visit picnic spot and lookout in Oakland. A cemetery may not be the first choice when planning a day out, but this one has a breathtaking view of the Bay Area. The lawns are dotingly kept, with many notable tombstones. The peace is pervasive when you enter the tranquil and beautiful grounds where you can spot people visiting graves and having a picnic ‘beside’ their deceased loved ones. Others come here for jogging, running, watching the sunset, walking their dogs, and of course…to appreciate and contemplate life!

best-places-for-datingLake Merritt

Otherwise known as ‘The Lake’, Lake Merritt is a big tidal cove in the center of Oakland. It a resourceful spot for some by-yourself time, exercising, hanging out with friends or family, walking dogs, or dating. You can choose to jog around, ride a boat, grab a bite, lie on the blanket, or simply watch the diverse crowd (or birdlife) around. Sunsets are amazing to watch that lead to string lights and antique street lamps trickling on to give an amazing reflection of the downtown in the lake. Loads of restaurants in close vicinity of the lake make it the perfect go-to spot.