Looking for Romantic Date Ideas in El Paso? Here are Some of the Best!

date in El Paso

Standing on the mighty Rio Grande river between the USA and Mexico, El Paso offers visitors the best of both cultures, and much more besides. Here is our guide to some of the many wonderful date destinations in this border city. But also don’t forget that you can always find singles in El Paso online!

El Paso Museum of Art

What is a better way to spend quality time with someone dear to you than strolling hand in hand through some fabulous art exhibits? Located in downtown El Paso, the museum contains permanent collections of striking American, Mexican and European art, with over 7,000 individual works of art on display. There are ongoing temporary exhibitions and educational programs for adults and kids alike. So why not pop in and appreciate everything from post-impressionist to modern art pieces, book yourselves into an art appreciation workshop or simply browse the well-stocked shop?

La Viña Winery

La Viña Winery

Nothing turns a date into a roaring success than some serious wine appreciation. Established in 1977, La Viña is New Mexico’s oldest continuously productive vinyard, with a reputation for producing fine accolated wines. Depending on the time of year you intend inviting your date to the winery, there are festivals such as the annual Fall Wine Festival, when a diverse range of musicians will keep you entertained while you sample the produce.

Sumptuous New Mexican dining

One of the most popular dating pastimes this city has to offer has got to be a romantic candle-lit dinner for two. There are many excellent restaurants to choose from, with El Paso’s crossroads location between Texas, New Mexico and Mexico meaning its culinary scene is buzzing with influences from a variety of mouth-watering sources. One worth mentioning is Café Mayapán, a Mexican dining experience that is also a worthy social enterprise, training staff from the city’s less well-off neighborhoods. The menus change with the seasons, providing romantic couples with classic local dishes to savor, such as chiles en nogada, a delicious Hispanic hash served with walnut sauce. Other restaurants, such as Zino’s, provide European fare, in this case vibrant Greek cuisine. There are many more for you to try out; whichever venue you choose, you and your date are in for a veritable feast.

Helicopter tour

Helicopter flies under the city

A brilliant and memorable way to visit this American city is to do so from above! El Paso Helicopter Charters give you the chance to see this sprawling metropolis from a vantage point devoid of traffic holdups. Tours are available at different times of the day, with the Sunset Tour being particularly romantic. The only drawback is you can’t be truly spontaneous in terms of surprising your date as bookings must be made one month in advance.

Wet n’ Wild

If you like the idea of a more adventurous date then visit this renowned water park. You can enjoy volleyball, no fewer than 11 thrill rides (with names like Alien Vortex, The Soaker, Volcano Peak and The Screamer), or simply chill out together in one of the many relaxing pools.

Now you’ve built up quite a picture of the dating possibilities in El Paso, all you need is that special person to accompany you. You’ll definitely find someone suitable if you check out Flirt.com.