Flirt Infographics: Avengers’ Dating Chances


Tony Stark, Thor, or Dr. Strange: who’s more likely to get a date in the next movie?

Figures and speculation ahead!


The article below contains spoilers and is only for those who have already seen the movie.

Let’s be honest: Infinity War surpassed the expectations of many… but also left many questions. The one we’re interested in today is: what are the chances of the Avengers: Infinity War heroes getting a date? We tried to reveal their fortunes with infinity gems – here’s what we found…


Tony Stark

Iron Man has a 90% chance of a date with a smart redhead fiancée.
If anything goes wrong, another battle tuxedo will save his date.


Since Thanos is a villain, he has a 0% chance of a date.

And 100% chance to meet his Lady Death love interest (read the comics!)


Thor broke up with his GF, but can still date ANY other Earth girl.
If he chooses to, of course… That’s why he has a 50% dating chance.

Dr. Strange

The Master of the Mystic Arts sees the future more clearly than we do.
Chances that he WON’T go on a date are 14,000,605 to 1 ;)


Even Thanos said Star-Lord is a good boyfriend for Gamora.
Her love declaration gives them a 75% dating chance!

Scarlet Witch

Wanda is gone in the click of a finger. Vision: ‘turned off’…
These two have a very small chance of getting together: 10%.

Well, enough theories and calculations!

Time will tell if we’re going to see Bruce Banner on an awkward date with Black Widow, T’challa dating a future queen of Wakanda, or maybe a big family reunion of Thanos with his daughters.

Today’s infographic gauntlet waves you ta-ta!

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