Flirting 101: Navigating the Bar Scene


If you tell someone that you are going to a bar in an effort to meet someone, chances are you’ll be met with some odd looks. For years, the bar scene has gotten a bad reputation. One of the most common assumptions is that the people there are sleazy drunks who are going nowhere in life. This isn’t always true – in fact, it is highly unlikely that you find a bar overrun with these very people.

What would you say if we told you that the bar is actually a really good place to meet someone? Yes, you read that correctly. Sometimes all you need is a good jaunt at your local bar to get meet your match; whether it is for a long-term relationship or just a quick romp in the hay.

Here are some tips on how to successfully flirt in the bar.

  1. Smile and Maintain Eye Contact

Just like other aspects of flirting, it is always important to smile and maintain eye contact with the person you are interested in. This makes you appear approachable and they’ll want to get to know you. You can also play coy by looking at them and the moment they catch you, smile slightly and look away. Repeat that a few times and you’re golden.

  1. Use an Icebreaker

One of the easiest and most convenient ways to approach someone is by asking what their favorite sports team is. Most bars have televisions where there is some kind of sports game airing. This simple question is a great icebreaker because you can expand on their answer by asking more about the team and letting the conversation go from there.

  1. Accidentally Touch Them

If you’ve been checking out that hottie at the bar, be bold and go up to the bar. From here, you can casually bump into them and when they look at you, this is the perfect opportunity to show that you are polite by apologizing and offer to buy them a drink. This gives you a way to start a conversation and score brownie points because… Well. Who doesn’t love a free drink?

  1. Walk, Turn, Look

When you at the bar and you see someone you think is cute, you can use this technique to get their attention. Be aware though, this is a bold move so prepare yourself for what may follow next. All you have to do is walk by them slowly, pause and turn around. Then you want to make eye contact and flash a seductive smile. If they don’t pick up on these cues, then they must be blind – or taken.

  1. Ask a Question

Find a reason to stand next to the person you’re interested in. Then when they aren’t engaged in a conversation with someone else, feel free to ask them a question that requires some thought. This question can range from what they are drinking, the significance of their tattoo, or the weather. Whatever you ask, make sure it is something they can answer with more than three words.