Sweet Way to Say Goodnight to Your Date or Partner

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Maybe you have had a great date and you want to leave them with a comment they will remember or maybe you and your partner have been dating for a while and you want to show them your affection by sending them a cute goodnight message. Whatever the reason, sometimes it is nice to show someone you care with small things, such as sending a sweet message at the end of your day. We’re here to give you some examples and approaches to ensure that you’re able to send cute messages without overstepping any boundaries.

Cute Ways to Say Goodnight to Your Crush

So, before we step into the dating scene, we should address the question of what to say to your crush. For more people this is the most tenuous situation for a cute goodnight message as it can completely send the relationship you have been building into turmoil if they aren’t vibing with you. To combat this, we have come up with a few subtler messages you could send to start telling your crush, in a nuanced way that you like them.

Dreaming of You

You can take this one as far as you feel is necessary but a little hint that you may dream of them or a little joke about you being in their dreams can begin to tip them off to your feelings towards them.

Warm Next to You

Another one that you can throw out there before going to bed can be, ‘It is so freezing, it will be difficult for me to sleep without your warmth.’ Something to that affect can help present to your crush your feelings and leave them with a cute message when you go to bed.

Positive Adjectives

Instead of just saying goodnight to someone, you can say, ‘goodnight beautiful,’ or ‘goodnight handsome.’ This way you’re throwing something into the mix without going overboard. Plus, you can change the adjective to fit where you think you are in a relationship with that person.

Can’t Get to Sleep

If you’re pretty certain that both of you are feeling the same way, then you can pull-off the, ‘I doubt I’ll get to sleep tonight as I’ll be thinking about you.’ This can be a risky move as it is incredibly flirty but if you’re bold or you believe they’re feeling the same way, then it can be a good move.

Romantic Ways to Say Goodnight to Your Date

Whether you’re at their door or sending a message to them once you get home, sending a romantic or cute goodnight message to your date ensures they keep thinking about you. Plus, it will show them that you care enough to continue talking to them after the date too.

Exclamation Marks

You don’t want to go overboard with this step as they can think you’re crazy, but an exclamation mark can make your message seem flirtier. It adds a sense of emphasis and enthusiasm to the message to display your interest in the person you’re sending it to.

Reminisce About Your Time Together

Whether you just had your date or not, before sending the end goodnight message, you can bring up one of the things you enjoyed from a date or from spending time with them to show that you care. Whether it was that you really enjoyed their conversation or had a good time with what you were doing, it will remind them of a good night and show that you’re always thinking about them.

Meeting Again

You can also end your goodnight message to your date by telling them how excited you are to see them again before saying goodnight. This will, hopefully, put a smile on their face and send them to bed happy.

Flirty Jokes

You don’t want to come off as a creep but don’t be afraid to be a little flirty as well as romantic too. If they chuckle a little, get a little hot under the collar or smile, then you’re doing something right. It is down to you to think about the kind of person you’re dating and what they will react well to and what they will not.

Best Way to Say Goodnight to Your Partner

Once you start dating and things become more serious, then you’re likely to be much more comfortable with sending cute messages to one another. They don’t have to be long, sprawling messages as you can send something short and sweet to ensure your partner, you’re thinking about them, such as:

– Nighty Night
– Night Night
– See You in the Morning
– Goodnight, I Love You.
– I Can’t Wait to See You Tomorrow
– Sleep Well

Anything like that can ensure your partner that you care and don’t be afraid to add your own spin on it. As you go further into your relationships, you’ll end up creating your own words and phrases anyway that you will tend to use. Don’t be afraid to make it slightly cringy or funny either as you’re more than likely at the point in your relationship where you don’t take yourselves too seriously anymore.

These are some of the ways we think you will be able to send sweet goodnight messages to your crush, date or partner. Obviously, you know your relationship better than anyone else, so lead with your intuition and think about your partner’s personality too. Part of the joys of receiving a cute goodnight message is the idea that they’re thinking about you and know you enough to know how to make you smile. So, don’t be afraid to trust yourself and trust your understanding of your partner enough to know what to say to them at these moments.