Every Guy’s Guide to Flirting on Instagram


Technology and social media is here to stay folks, so it is time to wave that white flag and try to meet women anyway possible. This means you cannot limit yourself to the conventional methods of meeting and flirting with women. You have to meet her anywhere possible — including social media…

Instagram, like other forms of social media, is very public and it is incredibly easy to look foolish if you don’t know what you’re doing. This is such a big risk, lots of men refuse to even attempt it. However, if you are one of the smart ones and follow these tips, her friends may start seeing you in the pictures she posts on her Instagram.

  1. Follow

This is the easiest step ever! We are living in a time when Facebook friendship is expected, but an Instagram follow means so much more. Why? Instagram is still relatively new in the sense that not everyone has an Instagram account like they do on Facebook. Plus, you don’t have to have your real name on your IG, which means that if you find them, then you’ve really done your homework!

  1. Like an Old Picture

If there’s one rule about flirting on social media, it’s ‘be cool’. If you’re new to her account, of course, you’re going to go through her old photos! Now, take caution! You are going to want to like some of the pictures (naturally), but you don’t want to like a picture where she is exposing lots of skin, as it gives you this creepy, one-track-mind vibe. Instead, like a picture where she obviously has taken some time to do. This means that artsy photo of her in a field or something along those lines.

  1. Be Active

If you like someone, let them know! This means that you should be active on her Instagram. Like her photos (not every single one of course). If you aren’t liking a photo, leave some sort of engaging comment on it. Or, you can also mention her in one of your pictures. For example, if you noticed she got a haircut and a few weeks later you’re getting your haircut also, tag her and ask her opinion.

  1. Comment Safely

You know how we said that you should comment on her pictures, which you should. But instead of typing the first thing that comes to mind, you should practice comment safety. This means think before you type. Let’s say she posts a picture at a sports stadium. You can ask her who won or post emojis like the thumbs up, the 100, or the corresponding sports emoji.

  1. Flirt Appropriately

Since IG is a public forum, you don’t want to embarrass her or yourself when you try to be an obnoxious flirt. You never want to be overly sexual when you flirt. It is a de factor rule on the site where both men and women will post pictures that make them look good. So you’ll want to make sure they know you’ve noticed.

  1. Flirt Off Instagram

It should go without saying that if you want your flirtations on Instagram to mean something, you have to be willing to flirt off IG too. If she posts pictures of something that interests her, you may want to look into it too. The point of the game is to be engaging — whether it is Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or just in real life.